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A coyote weekend

Monday, May 06, 2013

I have been living where I am for almost seven years. It's a heavily populated area with it's share of possums and skunks in the evening but I have not seen coyotes near the house.

None of the houses in our subdivision have fence-in yards so I have to take our yellow lab out on a leash. During the daylight, we walk out there with her without a leash. She's good about staying near us. Until.....

...she sees a skunk or possum at night. Then our loving, 70lb lap dog turns into a bad-ass! Knock on wood we have not been sprayed by the skunks and one night I was able to make her come back to me when she pounced towards a possum I didn't see and I lost my grip on the leash.

This weekend, we came close to three coyotes close to our house within a 24 hour period, all of them during daylight hours and all while DH was out of town!

One of them was yesterday afternoon. I walked with my dog off the least around the back of the house. As we walked back toward the house, the coyote came out of nowhere, darted in front of us and headed to the front of the house, our mild-mannered yellow lab hot on it's tail.

I stopped breathing but managed to scream for her to come back and took off running behind them. What a sight I'm sure! I can hear the radio announder now.... "aaaand coming around the bend now is Wiley Coyote and following in close second is Riley the lab closing in fast and wait, what's this, a last-minute contestant trying to make a name for herself, it's Kelliebean bringin up the rear...."

By the time I got to the front of the house she had turned around and was heading back. I guess she figured she showed that thing who's boss in her backyard and was done running. I needed CPR!

I wonder how many calories I burned in the frightening 10-second run to the front of the house to see if she got mauled or not???! Feets don't fail me now!

I definitely need yoga tonight!!!

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    We have lots of coyotes near me, and we hear them at night. Thankfully we've never seen them, but they are close. They scare the heck out of me, especially with Jasper. Just this year, I've been hearing about a few local dogs that were killed by coyotes, so I'm especially careful. Jasper is never off leash, and I always carry pepper spray, especially when I take him out at night.

    Please be careful and take care. The coyotes most likely won't hurt you, and Riley's size should protect him, but you just don't know.

    I had to laugh out loud at your play-by-play though. I'm sure the 10 second run, coupled by the increased heart rate caused by fear equalled some serious calorie burn. emoticon
    1808 days ago
    LOL ! Bet that wasn't the way you planned on getting your exercise for the day. Our Springer is very hard of hearing now so we have to keep him on a leash when we take him out, but in his younger days it wasn't necessary so much. We did learn our lesson however. It was still dark in the morning and so he doesn't show up very well being that he is mostly brown. My DH took him out before leaving for work. I heard him hollering at Buster and then I smelled it. Oh yes, right into the white of his chest. Thank goodness our groomer was available. I opened all the car windows, put the dog in the car, stuck my head out the window, and drove the few miles to the groomer. I hope never to relive that experience again !
    1808 days ago
    1808 days ago
    I'm glad you and Riley are okay, but you made the whole thing sound so gosh-darn funny! This coming from a girl who sucked a centipede off the wall with the vacuum cleaner hose after I had already sprayed it to death with bug spray! emoticon emoticon
    1810 days ago
    Riley, let me introduce you to my dog Ginger. Ginger meet Riley. Now the two of you go out and play, and if anything follows you home, no the two of you cannot keep it. There, that should keep Riley out of trouble now!
    1810 days ago
    I've heard we have coyotes in our area, but fortunately I've never seen one. I jump when a chipmunk comes out of the bushes.
    1810 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Coyotes in the neighborhood...scary! Be careful! At least you have Riley to protect you! emoticon
    1811 days ago
    This is the funniest - poor coyote, where are they coming from??
    1812 days ago
    We had a coyote walk into a Starbucks here in Chicago last summer (I think). Really, true story.

    Unless Riley actually CAUGHT/Cornered the coyote, he was in no real danger. He's to big for one (or even two coyotes) to choose to tangle with. That said, I'm glad the 'yote got away. Hopefully it will avoid your house in the future.

    With everyone ok, it is a humorous image!
    1812 days ago
    First while hubby's away it was an encounter with a spider! Now coyotes! I hope your DH comes back soon!
    1812 days ago
    Haha funny recount of your encounter with the coyote. I am so glad that Riley is OK! I can just imagine you dashing after the dog.
    1812 days ago
    I live in a very populated area also and though I have not seen any coyote that close to the house, I have noticed that they are getting closer.

    What a scary situation. Happy to hear nothing bad happened...except some impromptu sprinting.

    Glad your feet didnt fail you. emoticon
    1812 days ago
    Hey funny.
    1812 days ago
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