Constantly underestimating myself... I'm so proud!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Yesterday, I did the Cycle for CHEO. I borrowed my friend's Townie

(from jaxbicycles.com )
and went for a 35 km jaunt around the city, with a friend who commutes daily. I expected to be unable to finish, that my friend would have to drag me the last 5k. I expected to collapse afterwards. I was very certain that there was no way for me to bike the borrowed bike the 2.5k back to my friend's house afterwards.

I. Was. Wrong.

We finished the 35k in under 2.5 hours. I was up and walking around afterwards. I was able to bike the borrowed bike home and take the bus back to my car. I was able to pitch most innings of or softball game last night, and if I wasn't as speedy a runner as I usually am on the bases (aka, slower than a skipping turtle), at least I made it home at least once!

Am I moving very slowly today? Yes. Am I tired? Yes. Do I feel accomplished? Heck yes!

I've never had a lot of faith in my physical abilities. I was the asthmatic kid when I tried to do cross-country running (in return for gymnastics lessons from my friend's Dad/my gym teacher). I was the one on the HS badminton team who got in on determination, not ability (every practice, every game, every tournament, I was there). I was the cheerleader who ended up in the splits in front, because the base kept me from dying when I overbalanced by dropping me on his chest and cracking his sternum. I was the girl who had an asthma attack during a beep test, flunking her fitness test, and failing to become a forest fire fighter (probably for the best: forest fire-fighting with asthma seems like a bad idea).

However, now, I'm not that girl. I'm the girl who pitches most of a game of lob-ball and only walks 2 people. I'm the girl who has struck out playing up to 3 games of softball a week about 6 times in 2 years. I'm the girl overcoming her fear of heights and pain to top out at the bouldering gym. I'm a girl who can deadlift her bodyweight! I'm the girl who's going to run a Spartan race! I'm the girl who just did 35k of cycling with a couple of months training on an indoor bike after not having ridden for more than 2 years. I need to start remembering who I am now!

I am capable. I AM strong. I can do this.

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