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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Today has been another busy day. Maybe I should just stop saying that because EVERY DAY is a busy day in my world. My DH got up & had to be at work at 4am. Luckily my son delivered him so that I could sleep. I got up around 8am, did some Sparking, dressed for church & went to pick up DH at 9am when he got off work. We drove across town to the granddaughter's house so that we could take care of the dogs. We stopped & got DH breakfast, then I dropped him back off at home & headed to church. I got there early so that I could practice with the choir. We had an excellent church service. The sermon for the next 5 weeks is based on various Andy Griffith shows & the stories/morals that they teach us. Today was about learning to be a good loser and to RUN THE RACE for the right reasons. I thought about how that applies to my journey here on Spark People. Sometimes we lose & sometimes we gain.. but if we remember that we're in it for the long haul and that in the end we all WIN.. then we can perservere. I am grateful that the sermon applied to me today. I needed to hear it. Afterwards, I attended my first board meeting. It was interesting. I am trying to be more available to help out there. When the board meeting was over, a few of us had lunch together. Then I had to go to the Y because it was time for me to teach my Deep Water aerobic class. I had 2 great ladies in the class and I really pushed them & myself. It was a really intense and good workout. Then it was time to come home & get some serious sparking done. I am waiting on some results and then I will post the Newsletter that I was polishing up today. It's the longest one that I've done and honestly the most fun that I have had doing one. My family has been having a good time being rowdy in the rest of the house. It's nice to be safe in my room while listening to them running around in the house laughing, giggling & squealing... both the kids and the adults alike. TOday it is a happy house & I like that. I watched some tv tonight and now I am going to bed. I'm one tired puppy. I have to teach 2 classes in the morning & one tomorrow night... with babysitting in between. Life is good.

I changed my caloric range back to 1500-2500 to prevent myself from getting so hungry and crabby. I was afraid I was going to start biting folks. LOL My food was good today, mid-range. My exercise was also mid-range. I feel good about my food plan today.

Bright blessings to you all. Sweet dreams!

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