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Spark Rally!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

As most of you know, this weekend was our Missourians! Team Spark Rally held at GOPINTOS (Melinda's) home. The weekend started out rainy but cleared up enough for our 5K run/walk on Saturday. I met some really nice sparkers, got some exercise, ate good food, had good fun, and a horseback ride!
Red_devil_April is a HOOT! She has a story for everthing and such interesting life experience. I am in awe of her bubbling positivity no matter what life throws at her. If you read her blog then you know she has limited vision due to an inherited eye disease but she never lets that stop her do anything! Or even slow her down! This girl ran the entire 5K! She is such an inspiration!
We bumped into OAKBORN at the 5K - well, we knew she was going to be there so it wasn't too surprising to see her there (LOL). We were hoping to meet her before the start of the race but that didn't happen. Here is the story - Medlina and I started out walking and then tried jogging for a while - I think she surprised herself with how far she could jog! I am so proud of you Melinda! I almost made it to the mile marker before I started walking. At the halfway mark there is a turn around and we all go back the way we came. So, the runners started on the way back on the opposite side of the road and I started paying close attention to them (and cheered them). I knew that April (red_devil) was up ahead of us somewhere and I wanted to see her when she came back on the turn-around. I started paying really close attention to each face of each runner and I recognized OAKBORN from her picture on SP! I shouted "OAKBORN"? and she glanced up! I shouted "I'm BECCA!" and she said "YOU SHOWED! KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO IT!" I was so stoked!
Then a few minutes later I see April! She is on her way back and I haven't gotten to the turn-around yet and get this - she is SMILING! Running and smiling. I loved it! So, after the turn around I jogged most of the way back and then started walking again (since I wasn't closing the distance at all between me and the walkers in front of me - how does that happen). So, I turn the corner and am in the home stretch and guess who came back to "get" me? OAKBORN! She walked/talked/encouraged me the whole rest of the way. That was so awesome! Even though my time was not great it was below an hour! 52.44 is my official time and I am proud of that.
Jenny (OAKBORN) won 3rd place in her age group and we are so proud of her! Yay Jenny! She had some stiff competition! There were some fast runners out there - I think the fastest time was under 20 mins! Unreal! April finished in 40 minutes! I am so proud of her too! That is a great time!
I am proud of Melinda for jogging with me and that we both did it! We can say that we have done a 5K! That is an awesome feeling! We also met a coworker of Melinda's DH at the 5K! I really hope she joins SP - she has such a positive vibe and has lost weight on her own but I think she would love SP and be such an inspiration!
Wow, this post is long enough - I will end now and post some pics. It was a good time and there was talk of another possible rally in the fall - I hope that happens. Keep on Sparking peeps!
Melinda's beautiful house!

Me, Melinda,April - before the 5K

Me! all bundled up and ready for the cold 5K!

Jenny (oakborn) in the front - April on the left and Melinda on the right (trying to hide, she hates having her pic taken)

Melinda (gopintos) and April (red_devil_april)

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