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Family day...or should I call it "Grouchy Day"....

Sunday, May 05, 2013

My husband works for Terminix and despite what people think, he has some crazy hours. He's usually gone from the house by 5:30 AM and usually doesn't get home until after 6:00 PM. And the bad news is that he works pretty much EVERY Saturday...EVERY month. The boss man says that it's because he has to fill in for the Bowling Green route, despite the fact that he lives 2 1/2 hours away, but unfortunately it's been like this since the beginning. Because of his work, our family time is very sacred because we just don't get to spend a lot of it together. So Sunday's are usually reserved for "family time" after church. Maybe it was the rain...maybe it was the chilliness outside...maybe it was because it was so gloomy outside with the overcast...but today was not such a "happy" day.
It started with our 3 month old daughter. She woke up early, hungry. I fixed her a bottle while my husband changed her diaper. I sit down to start feeding her...and she begins to scream. She's been doing this lately...but today...let's just suffice to say that it was rough. We finally get her to take the bottle and then she eagerly eats up the food before drifting into another deep sleep.
I myself was to awake at that point to even attempt at going back to bed so me and my husband just decided to stay up. After my son woke up, we all had breakfast together. Nothing to bad...just silence.
Then, as I'm cleaning up the kitchen mess and trying to mop the floors, my husband gets the grouchy bug and storms off to the bedroom where he sulks like he's a 3 year old boy. My son is running around the house like a banshee with some MAJOR energy, which I have no ideal where it came from, which is only making matters worse when my daughter wakes back up...even more mad than when she went down.
I finally get her and my son bathed and dressed and then it's my turn. I go get dressed, throwing on the first outfit that I see, before heading to the bathroom to try and control the mess on the top of my head. After several tries, I give up and just throw it up in a ponytail...with hair frizzing out on all sides. Ugh... Finally we're off to church and I'm super excited about the new series that the Pastor is starting...and I end up in the cry room with my daughter. Not cool!
We leave church, we're my good mood has been beaten so badly that it's kind of just limping behind me trying to keep up. We head to Walmart to buy some baby food...and my card is being read as "invalid". I try debit..."wrong pin". WHAT! I keep swiping...machine keeps getting fussy with me. I make keeps sticking its tongue out at me. I give it the "mommy look"...and it just ignores me completely. FINALLY, it reads the card...still have no ideal why the goofy thing was messing with me.
We arrive home to the scream of our daughter where I then begin to make dinner, which surprisingly went okay. I was expecting burning down of the house by this point. My good mood is gone. I locked it out of the house when we came back...and I am in no mood to let it back in.
We get ready to sit down to eat...and my daughter decides to scream some more. I try feeding her...just more screams. I change her diaper, which she usually LOVES...I get frowns and screams. Grrr.... No matter what I do, she just answers with screaming or yelling.
After eating, I try to finish mopping my floors...and my mop breaks. The head keeps falling off every time I just try to push it across the floor. I finally just give it up and slowly make my way to the bedroom where I reflect on the days events...and I realized something. Grouchiness is like a VERY contagious disease. One person may catch it, but within a day, the entire household is infected with it. If grouchiness is contagious, then I couldn't help but wonder if happiness could be just like it. I let my good mood back in the house and after just a few minutes of relaxing, it was in pretty good shape. I then head back out into the battlefield...and my good mood won out. My husband is still grouchy and my daughter...well, I can only pray for relief, but you can definitely tell a difference in the atmosphere of the house. It's not so..."thick".
We all have the power to pass on the infection...but we also have to remember that we have the power to stop it too.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW! What a day! I always try to remember:

    We have no power over the past
    We can "influence" but still have no power over the future
    We can, however, stay in the present moment where our lives are truly happening!
    2901 days ago
    Sounds like you had a rough day! Hopefully things look up today. "It can't rain all the time" as they say. emoticon
    2903 days ago
    And the sooner you remember, possibly the grouchiness in your daughter might subside..that and maybe different formula? I dunno. You're able to go to church. You have a husband who's sometimes grouchy-oh no, they make those? You have a wonderful, active, energetic son-no limitations on these? You all are healthy, You are a family...Your husband has employment! Sounds wonderful...oh no, a mop breaks...heaven forbid we ever get a mega workout and do this on our hands and knees, or use a damp towel with our feet.... :) Take care. The reasons for happiness are abundant in your home!
    2904 days ago
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