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Sparkpeople at the Flying Pig Afterparty!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Unfortunately, nobody showed else up for the 12:30 PM photo op at the booth, but we got to meet SHEENADEE and CALIDREAMER76 anyway.

Also got a neat reaction to the the Sparkpeople t-shirt:
Random Stranger - "Oh, I love your shirt! I love Sparkpeople!"
Me - "They're here this year, the booth is right up there" (points)
Random Stranger - "Really?! Oh AWESOME!"

So look at that, I'm still spreading the Spark, even if I'm mostly reduced to smoldering embers these days.

That was...painful.
Not especially helpful.


Cheering on the stragglers when we headed up to the Finish Line afterwards? Seeing some of our fellow Bob Roncker's team mates from last year, who recognized us as we started cheering, squealed and came by and gave us hi-fives? Same with some of the coaches from last year - called us by name as they were escorting in this years walkers? Seeing weary faces turn to smiles as we cheered them on, with the bus bearing down on their heels?

Totally worth it.

Best. Marathon. Outfit. EVAR!

We stayed (in the rain) until the last person came in with the bus behind them (see pictures below), at 2:20 PM.

The REAL winners are those that finished, despite all the odds against them.
They are ALL heroes!

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