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Training Journal: 04/29- 05/05/2013

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Week 12 of 16

Total Miles: 50


Base Run
Distance: 5 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:43

Splits: 10:26 / 9:36 / 9:29 / 9:37 / 9:26

Notes: My hips are still a little sore; everything else has recovered nicely. This morning, I noticed it much more walking down stairs than up stairs and hardly at all walking on the flat. My diagnosis is mild DOMS from all the steep down hill running at marathon pace on Sunday, and my trainer agrees. He says that the sore muscles are the ones that absorb the force of the landing, which is magnified going down hill.

It's relatively mild and didn't cause any problems in today's run. In fact, running made it feel better. That's the difference between being sore and being injured.

And now, 5 hours post run, it's only noticeable going down stairs. I'm optimistic it will be gone by tomorrow.

Easy Run
Distance: 6 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:33

Splits: 9:36 / 9:28 / 9:28 / 9:35 / 9:36 / 9:34

Notes: A few hours before this run, I began to notice symptoms that suggested I was developing a yeast infection (or possibly a UTI, but I don't really think it's that). By the time of the run, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable.

I decided to run as many miles as I could, which turned out to be 6 (instead of the 12 originally planned). After the first mile, I wasn't sure I would make it to 2.

I'm feeling better now after dipping into my over-the-counter stash and drinking a lot of cranberry juice. I should be able to work the missing 6 miles somewhere into the next few days.

Easy Run
Distance: 6 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:55

Splits: 9:45 // 10:29 / 10:00 / 9:50 / 9:51 / 9:37

Notes: My legs are no longer sore, but I can still feel some residual fatigue when I run. Today's sports massage should help a lot with that.

I ran one mile before ST, 5 miles after, and then went for the sports massage. My problems yesterday are mostly gone, although not quite entirely (yet). But they were no longer an issue for running. Because of the upcoming massage, I did more walking today than I did yesterday. I didn't want my legs to be too tender, at least no more than they already were.

Marathon Pace Tempo
Distance: 8 miles
miles 4-6 @ MP (9:37)
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:18

Splits: 9:37 / 9:18 / 8:56 / 9:08 / 8:59 / 9:01 / 9:43 / 9:42

Notes: I felt like I had been given a brand new set of legs today. They felt great -- fresh, recovered, eager to run. I knew that yesterday's sports massage would help, but WOW!

I kept the perceived effort to "easy" for the first two miles, then increased effort only slightly to "moderately easy" for miles 3 - 6 (I misremembered which miles were supposed to be at marathon tempo pace, doing 4 rather than 3). This slight increase in effort came primarily from walking a little less. Then I went back to "easy" for the last two miles, i.e. walked a little more.

After the run, I did some quick foam rolling of hips, ITBand, quads and calves.

Active Recovery Walk
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 1:40
Location: Round trip to the public library

Notes: In the original plan, yesterday was a rest day and today was a 4 mile recovery run plus hill sprints. Because of my "issues" on Wednesday, I split my medium long run across two days, which pushed my Tempo run to yesterday.

I considered a number of options for today. First, my legs feel pretty good, so I considered doing the 4 mile run. But this week is supposed to be a cut back week with only 5 days of running. Running today would make it 6, with a 20 mile run being the 6th run in a row. That probably would be OK, but I decided I was better off with less intensity this week, following Sunday's race.

So I was just going to make today a rest day. But then I decided that an active recovery day was probably a good compromise. The local branch of the public library is a 5 mile, round trip walk from my house. I had a book due today and two more on hold to be checked out. So I walked (through the hills) to the library and back. It was a nice day for a walk, although I should have worn some sun screen.

Long Run
Distance: 20 miles
last 2 miles @ MP (10:00)
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 10:32

Splits: 10:22 / 10:34 / 10:47 / 10:50 / 10:39 / 10:43 / 10:42 / 11:03 / 11:04 / 10:36 / 10:32 / 10:38 / 10:30 / 10:40 / 10:45 / 10:33 / 10:32 / 9:42 / 9:42 / 9:36

Notes: Even though it was a nice day today for running outside, I opted for the gym track so that I wouldn't have to run hills. I want to be sure that my legs have fully recovered from Big Sur before taking on more hills.

I felt a little low energy in the first half of this run. I say low energy rather than tired because it was as much a mental as physical thing. My legs didn't really feel all that tired, but for some reason I was getting a lot of negative chatter. My brain was seriously trying to "talk" me out of going the full 20 miles.

For nutrition today, I ate a gel every 4 miles and a date in between the gels. I also ate 2 dates before starting. So gels after miles 4, 8, 12, 17 and a date after 2, 6, 10, 14, 16. I noticed that each time I ate something, I felt a little better. At about mile 9, I felt my energy returning and the negative chatter stopped (I had eaten 2 gels and 4 dates by then). For the rest of the run, I felt pretty good, even though my legs were definitely getting tired towards the end. So I think I had a low glycogen/blood sugar thing going on at the beginning of the run.

For some reason I remembered this workout as calling for the last 3 miles at race pace, so that's what I did. I'm going to have to start checking the plan before I leave, since my memory doesn't seem to be all the great.
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    Fantastic for a recovery
    1845 days ago
    I wish I had some hills where I live. The only ones we have are really steep. I'm going to try them out sometime but I'll definitely be zig-zaging up the hills. That's life on the flat prairies.

    Great runs, I'm going to have to pick your brain soon about gels and stuff for longer runs emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Great recovery week.
    1846 days ago
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