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Been home a week, feeling better about my life! I have made a budget, first time in my life!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A knight in shinny armor is not making my dreams come true.... I am! Unlike my past idea that 'someone' else would make it happen for me, I AM DOING IT! Spark Peep has helped me learn how to do it! Even in chaos. Keep my food program straight, exercise & stay in my own integrity! I have proved I can do it! This past almost 14 months has changed my world so much! I am so blessed to have come to this point in my life & feel I am on the right path!

I decided I needed to 'get real' about my current finances! I broke up my money up into %ages. 25% for savings, 25% to my personal account to pay off credit cards, 30% for living expenses, 10% cash, 10% to pay down cc. When the cards are all paid off that money will go into savings. (PLUS, donate to places I believe in) I KNOW THIS plan HAS HELPED ME MOVE INTO MY NEXT EXPERIENCE OF WEALTH! Because I already feel wealthy! Spark People has helped me with THIS aspect of my life,too! I think I can live with this budget, now. When my new part time job comes in & I am making much more, this plan will work out great, too! It just feels right! I have surrendered to the universe to guide me to my next expression of where I can best bring joy to the world. I 'feel' this new job opportunity is it! Even with more hours of working. I will address each day, as SP has taught me, in THIS moment, can I do this? Yes! Is usually the answer. That's why I can now hike up 7 floors of stairs, do Pilates 2 or 3 times a week, walk a 5K in a hour, work 30 hours a week, perform, Zumba 2 or 3 times a week AND be happy & loving AND basically be a better person! SP is IT for me!

Pilates is calling! AND I am still working on the resume & photo sheet & testimonies & recomendations. This is an unusual job offer. Under 100 people in the U.S. are qualified! I'm back to it! It is fun seeing where I have come from since I joined SP. I would not have decided to go for this job, if it was PRE SP. I wouldn't have the energy or trust in myself to be capable. BUT now I do, I am!

I love you Spark People AND my SP FRIENDS!!!!! Your advise is helping SO much! THANK YOU!



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