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Making it work

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Had a rough day on Friday, and nearly went off program. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I didn't. But I'm glad that I stuck with it. Maybe it's because this new program is still so new, and I'm still learning - and interested.

So aside from my little whining session, I spent time thinking about ME, and what I can do to make my life better, happier.

Number one goal is weight loss.
Number two is to have some new clothes that I feel good in. I like cute, fun, sexy stuff. Tired of wearing burlap sacks.

Ok; back to number one. The Eat to Live plan is really working!!! I've dropped 8.2 pounds since starting on April 20th. (keeping in mind much of it was water weight)

There's always a but, isn't there?

But it's hard for me. This is not an easy change to make. It's a huge lifestyle change. I was The Carb Queen. I have the crown to prove it.

I don't especially enjoy fruits and veggies. And I *hate* all the prep work! (I need kitchen help. Or a genie. Yeah, a genie would work faster.)

Ok; back to making it work. So I turned my back on thoughts of work, and turn instead to working out how to make this plan work.

I've been searching on-line for recipes and food ideas that I can really fit into my lifestyle. I collected a bunch of casserole recipes, along with chili and stew recipes. There's one for mock fried rice that sounds good! I'm planning on taking some time on the weekends to do my food prep for the week. And I want-- NEED to keep it all simple.

Because I know me. I could easily decide to go back to my old life of mac & cheese and PB & J. (Don't they sound good!)

So it's important that I make this plan fit my lifestyle, and not try to make my life fit the plan. I'm more likely to stick with it if I'm comfortable with it, right?

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