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Day 9 and a NSV

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Day 9 is my favorite so far. I finally broke into the 150s. I couldn't even tell you the last time I weighed 150. Over 10 years ago. I got married when I was 20 and I weigh less than my wedding pictures. I tried on some more old clothes in my closet and almost everything I've kept over the years fits. There's one dress I keep trying on that I can zip up but my boobs are still too big for it. Not sure if they'll ever be any hope for that one but I'm gonna keep trying.

The rain boots I bought online over a year ago but I couldn't get over my fat calves finally fit WITH jeans. And it poured allllllllll day so it was the perfect chance to break them in.

Even though it was pouring, we went to the farmer's market. I love our market. Normally we eat breakfast there. They have venders that sell breakfast burritos and scones and egg and cheese bagel sandwiches - everything with all fresh local ingredients, even the coffee is locally made. Its heaven on a saturday morning. But obviously not this saturday morning.

BUT - we got a brand new juicing stand there now! This was their first market and they're opening their juice bar just a few minutes from my house! Chris spoke to them for awhile cuz they're looking for a muralist which he is. It would be awesome if they had him do something. We'll see. I should have got better pics but I was trying to herd two kids through the rain that just wanted to splash in puddles and poke people with their umbrellas and get what we needed.

Here's the juice though

Everything is made from local organic produce. It was $6 so a little steep but a good option for juicing on the run! I hope they'll get enough business.

And then my friends who have a stand at the market got us some plants for our garden. We haven't started it yet but I'm so excited!! We got tomatoes and peppers and parsley so far. I also want to do cucumbers, zucchini, squash, more peppers and okra (I'm DYING to make our own pickled okra. I love that stuff!). I also want to get some of those big fat heirloom tomatoes. They might be my favorite thing in the universe. I'm drooling just thinking about it. There's tons more stuff I want to do but I'm trying not to overdo it at first and we don't really have a great property for it. Its really shady and theres not much room and we get deer in our backyard. So I'm gonna have to do it on the side of the house and theres only like 15 -20 feet between our house and our neighbors house. Its good enough to start with until I can come up with some other creative ideas. I'm hoping we can get that going next week sometime. If it ever stops raining.

So after we all had a nap (seriously, whats better than a nap on a rainy day?) I actually had ENERGY!! I did laundry, dishes, cleaned the kids bathroom, tidied and mopped the kitchen and vacuumed. Amazing!! The only reason I stopped was because I was super hungry and needed to drink more juice. Its been so long since I felt like doing anything. I hope it doesn't go away. There's still soooooooooooo much to do. I'm the worst at organizing and I have no money whatsoever to put into organizing. like containers or shelves or whatever it is organized people do to contain their clutter. The clutter drives me nuts but I sincerely don't know what to do about it. 2 more weeks till I'm off for the summer and I really hope I can figure something out then. I need a life coach. Someone to teach me how to do hair and make up and organize all when you're broke.

I guess thats about it. My throat is getting better but still annoying me. My back has been really bothering me. If I sit down I have this pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades. The only other time it happened was when I was breastfeeding. I think its from being so inactive. My arm strength has really decreased too. I noticed when I was trying to mess with my hair earlier that my arms were getting really tired pretty quickly. I've got to get back to working out! The cravings have been better today. Ive thought about food and it smelled so good when Chris cooked dinner for the kids and we drove past some restaurants but I didn't go nuts over it all like I have been. I hope I'm turning a corner now. On to day 10!!
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