Tried a new outdoor activity today - wow; exhausted!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

This morning I had to drive our 16 year old son about an hour to a scout event. He did not camp out with the team the night before due to a dance at school; ah the important things in life. But he likes this event and has placed 1st in it and wanted to defend his title - and just what is this event?


For years I have heard about this from my husband and sons. It is an annual event for their troop - one that is competitive and necessary for scout advancement. But, I had never witnessed it.

So up at 6:30 and on the road at 7, thinking I will be enjoying a day "watching" the husband and one of the other assistant scout masters talked me into "walking" with them - should take about an hour. I can do that. I had my hiking shoes on. I also had on jeans and thank goodness a sturdy long sleeve fleece. So much for the simple walk - this was major league BUSHWACKING at time...."let's head 38 degrees north east - up this hill" I am not sure I have the words to convey difficulty of trekking over the rocks and through the thorns, underbrush, fallen trees and swamps. Some of these markers were barely visible until you tripped on them.

I was a sport about it - actually liked it and found it very challenging physically and mentally. When we returned to the start, we logged in at 1 hour 17 minutes and THEN the guys told me that we had done the hardest course and that was actually a good time.

Now my son's course was 2 levels below us and he runs it with his team mate. His idea is to stay on as many trails as he can and then turn 90 degrees off the trail to the marker....many people (us) go cross country bushwacking to go in a straight line from point to point. Hmmm - Son finished in 26 mins running and no blood...hmm. ya think?

Fun time, will do it again. But this time I will bring my glasses so I can read the map!
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