16 pounds lost - complete with pictures and future goals

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Currently at 263

Previously at 278

So, it's the inevitable, the 16 pound weight loss blog. emoticon

Wow, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to see that number again anytime soon. I've been here before. I've lost up to 30 pounds and then turned around and gained it back. What's different this time? I'm doing it the right way.

Previously, I starved myself into a size 16 and 240 lbs/ 5 foot 10". I would go a whole day without eating. I started to get really sick. When I gained it back after people encouraging me to eat - I developed Pre-diabetes. That scared me. emoticon

This time I'm watching not only my portion sizes but also what I eat. A lean protein no bigger than a deck of cards and plenty of fruits and veggies but carbs in 1/4 cup moderation. I eat a lot of fresh food. If it's raw or was raw just a few minutes ago, it's good. emoticon Goals are important but making grandiose goals will deter you from the sweet realization of those goals. Keep them small and take baby steps, each step is a step closer to your biggest dream! Activity is key. Any kind of activity I can get in, I'll go for it. Walking to the library, pulling weeds, taking out garbage, bathing the dog, sweeping the floor, doing the laundry - whatever it may be it counts! You should feel somewhat tired by the end of the day, but does that mean you should rush rush? No! You should take breaks and do things at your own pace. Slow quality exercise is good stuff! emoticon emoticon

Previously at 278

Currently at 263

I'm still sallying further onto my goal of 175ish. I'm taking it day by day by day. Making all my small goals a realization. emoticon
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