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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Motherhood is a lot of things. Namely, time-consuming.

Who am I kidding though, I friggin love it. Elliott will be 11 weeks old tomorrow (!), and we are starting to get some kind of semblance of a pattern to our day.

This is what a typical day in our house looks like

Somewhere between 5am-630am, Elliott wakes up. I take him from his bassinet next to the bed and lie him next to me in bed and nurse him back to sleep. At 650am, my alarm goes off. I start the diaper wash load (every other day) and Brad gets in the shower. Then while Elliott is usually still asleep, I pump.

Between 730-8, Brad is getting ready for work, so Elliott is gently woken up by the general noise, and I get him changed and washed up (just face, armpits, hands) for the day, and we go upstairs.

From 8-9ish, I eat breakfast, catch up online, while Elliott talks to his giraffe and friends on his bouncy chair. (This picture is from when Mom and Dad babysat for an evening, and decided to be funny, stole me camera and put all sorts of weird things on Elliott in his chair)

Somewhere from 9-10, Elliott nurses and then takes a 30-40 minute power snooze. I either cuddle with him, or if he's down do laundry, etc.

From usually 10-11, we nurse and change and play then he gets whiny haha, needs sleep! Anywhere in the span of 11-4 he takes a 2-3 hour EPIC nap! Usually in his swing (hey, it's guaranteed sleep!) and I will nap, or watch TV or (just lately) do a home ST workout.

Then he's usually awake until bedtime (was 930 until the last few days he has started konking out at 730). It's a lot of nursing, bouncing, giggling, reading, playing in that time. Sometimes we get out for a walk if it's nice or errands if he'll let me. He's not a big fan of leaving the house.

In the run of a day, I'm getting in my workouts 100% now, housework is at about 50%. I need to re-prioritize napping too, it's slowly falling by the wayside, I can feel it and it sucks!

The weightloss is sloowwwllly starting. My diet is crap. With having to go completely dairy-free (not just lactose), every trip to the grocery store has been "Oh! I can have this" and junk gets loaded in (soy ice cream, gummy treats, frikkin' two bite brownies). Instead of looking at the nutritional labels, I've been looking at the ingredients labels. I need to combine them!

Today I will run the last run of C25K Week 4. On days that Brad isn't home from work early enough for me to run, I've been lucky that my brother and his wife live close enough that they'll come babysit for an hour so I can do that. Yesterday we returned the favor and watched their little boy so they could go out for a lunch date.

And on May 15 - my gym membership resumes!!!!! Yayyyyy!! Was not expecting to get it until I go back to work, but our tax return was way bigger than we were expecting, so we paid for my gym membership for a year! I'll have to pay the child care on top of that, but it's like a punch card system, so you don't "waste" any. Very excited!!!

We did take a roadtrip to visit family a few provinces over - Elliott's first time in a hotel room:

Here's his most recent age picture:

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we did our ST session outside! (Totally staged pic haha)

And hanging out with Daddy while Mamma finished her workout:

I really wish I could say I have our professional newborn pics to share, but the photographer is being a GIANT A-HOLE and not responding to my emails (2 months after they've been taken, I'm ridiculously pissed off and can't lie, want to go to her house and punch her in the face - longstanding issue, I'm trying to cope!)

Elliott is really growing his own personality. He is sweet and adorable and the best thing in the world!

Goal for May (on top of getting better nutritionally) - weekly blog. I think I said that for April, but oh well, can't blame me!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The picture in the hotel room is too cute for words! My baby still sleeps a lot so I am getting in sooo many workouts but the weight loss is still much slower than I anticipated! Glad all is well
    1800 days ago
  • EG8383
    powerful blog. I had my son Jan. 3rd of this year so I totally understand but man you are really doing great already. Keep it up =)
    1800 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Wow, he certainly is keeping you busy!
    You are awesome for keeping up with your workouts and taking care of your wonderful boy. I am certain it is hard work but you are showing that it can be done!

    1809 days ago
    I am impressed at the routine you have -- although I shouldn't be, it's Grace! -- but I hear that is so important for the baby, so great job! Wow, Elliott isn't far from 3 months old, that is amazing! You can really tell in the pictures how much he has changed already.

    Dairy-free would be really tough. Even with all the soy/rice/almond products out there, there's no subbing for real cheese, milk, etc. I'm guessing that's for Elliott, so I'll just go ahead and commend you for being an awesome mommy for doing that for him. I've met some mommies that switch over to formula immediately when they encounter issues like that because they can't be bothered, so I just want to say hey, you are doing an awesome thing for your boy!

    Motherhood suits you, Grace! So glad it's going well!
    1811 days ago
    You are doing amazing! And Elliot is so handsome!!

    I am amazed at how fast you are back to working out!! You are incredible!

    1811 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Considering all there is to deal with when you are a new mom, I think you are doing a great job Grace. If Elliot is happy, that's really all that matters! Keep up the great work and just lovin' on that handsome little man! So cute!!

    Stay emoticon !!
    1812 days ago
    Love the pictures!! You sound like you are having so much fun being a mommy and doing such a great job. He is so handsome!! emoticon emoticon
    1813 days ago
    Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful son! You sound perfectly happy. yes, be sure to check ingredients and get your protein. I'm a vegan - bean dishes are great protein. Not sure if you like Tofu/Tempeh or not.

    Enjoy life, Pat
    1813 days ago
    Soo cute and glad that things are getting a bit more organized! lol
    I wondered if it was your parents at your brothers, as I walk by daily walking the puppy. lol Saw your dad one day as I drove by.
    dairy free. Now come on girly!!! I have been gf, dairy free, and sugar free since end of feb! now that is hard, cos sugar is in everything! but doing okay. lost 12 lbs but now havent lost any in while. I know why though have learned some good gf recipes which are healthy but not low fat. lol

    Enjoy your boy, he is adorable and never know will see you when I walk by. Say hi to mum and dad for us.

    1813 days ago
    So cute!!! Glad you are still working out and everything seems to be going well.
    1813 days ago
    Gorgeous kiddo. :-D Just like his parents.
    1813 days ago
  • ADLIN915
    I was no where near that organized after giving birth haha great you have a routine going on. Love that picture of you guys working out I wish I would of thought of taking pictures like that with my son. As for the photographer you have every right to be pissed off with her 2 months is more than enough time to get pictures developed. I won't lie the "epic nap" is my favorite nap my son takes his at around 3 or 4. emoticon to motherhood; it truly is amazing and wonderful.
    1813 days ago
    emoticon The best thing is when you finally get a routine going with a new baby. You have one cute little guy there.
    1813 days ago
    It sounds like you're totally enjoying the "mom" thing. Take advantage of it all; time goes by so quickly. My "baby" will turn 33 in the fall, and I swear I don't know where the time went. I do get time with his 3-year-old daughter and she's growing so fast too.

    1813 days ago
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