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Star Wars Day

Saturday, May 04, 2013

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When: Always on May 4th

It's all because of a play on words!

Star Wars Day is May the Fourth, because of a famous quote from the hugely popular science fiction series blockbuster is "May the Force (Fourth) be with you"

Great ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day:

Watch any of the great Star Wars movies
Better still, have a Star Wars marathon, and watch two or three (or 4) of them.
Get out your laser sword and practice for the next invasion from the Evil Empire.
Send a Star Wars day Ecard- of course they have them!
Have a Star Wars costume party.
Learn some Star Wars Trivia, there's no shortage.
Some call this Day "Luke Skywalker Day".

Origin of Star Wars Day:
While we are so glad that this day exists, its creation was a fluke. In 2005, a German News Tv channel N24 interview erroneously translated this famous Star Wars quote. In German, "May the force be with you", was incorrectly interpreted as "We are with you on May 4th". We do believe, that if this error had not occurred, someone, somewhere would have created this day.

There are some references to this as "National" Star Wars Day. We found no record of a presidential or congressional proclamation.

More Information:
Star Wars Day

This Day in History May 4

Wars of the Roses: The Battle of Tewkesbury: Edward IV defeats a Lancastrian Army and kills Edward, Prince of Wales. (1471)

Pope Alexander VI divides the New World between Spain and Portugal along the Line of Demarcation. (1493)

Dutch explorer Peter Minuit arrives in New Netherland (present day Manhattan Island) aboard the See Meeuw. (1626)

Manhattan Island is sold! Indians agree to the deal in exchange for $24 in cloth & buttons (1626)

Rhode Island becomes the first American colony to renounce allegiance to King George III. (1776)

The National Association, the first professional baseball league, opens its first season in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (1871)

Phonograph is played for the first time at the Grand Opera House. (1878)

Haymarket Square Riot: A bomb is thrown at policemen trying to break up a labor rally in Chicago, Illinois, United States, killing eight and wounding 60. The police fire into the crowd. (1886)

The United States begins construction of the Panama Canal. (1904)

Charles Stewart Rolls meets Frederick Henry Royce at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, England. (1904)

In Atlanta, Georgia, mobster Al Capone begins serving an eleven-year prison sentence for tax evasion. (1932)

World War II: The Battle of the Coral Sea begins with an attack by aircraft from the United States aircraft carrier USS Yorktown on Japanese naval forces at Tulagi Island in the Solomon Islands. The Japanese forces had invaded Tulagi the day before. (1942)

World War II: Neuengamme concentration camp near Hamburg is liberated by the British Army. (1945)

In San Francisco Bay, U.S. Marines from the nearby Treasure Island Naval Base stop a two-day riot at Alcatraz federal prison. Five people are killed in the riot. (1946)

Ernest Hemingway wins the Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man and the Sea. (1953)

The 1st Grammy Awards are held. (1959)

American civil rights movement: The "Freedom Riders" begin a bus trip through the South. (1961)

Soap operas "Another World" and "As the World Turns" premiere. (1964)

Vietnam War: Kent State shootings: the Ohio National Guard, sent to Kent State University after disturbances in the city of Kent the weekend before, opens fire killing four unarmed students and wounding nine others. The students were protesting the United States' invasion of Cambodia. (1970)

Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (1979)

Iran-Contra Affair: Former White House aide Oliver North is convicted of three crimes and acquitted of nine other charges. The convictions, however, are later overturned on appeal. (1989)

A federal judge in Sacramento, California, gives "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynski four life sentences plus 30 years after Kaczynski accepts a plea agreement sparing him from the death penalty. (1998)

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