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April Progress and May Goals

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Happy May! This is the blog in which I go back and see how well I met my goals for last month and set goals for this month.

1. Stress management: keep blogging a couple times a week to monitor stress and work through it. Meditate regularly.

I think I did pretty well managing stress this month, haven’t been feeling super stressed out. I exceeded my calorie goals more often than I like, but it didn’t feel like stress eating, I was just super-hungry. I blogged 5 times this month, which was less than my goal but I think it was enough. I felt like it was getting boring. I barely meditated at all, only at yoga class and I would really like to do more.

2. Stay within my calorie goals 6 days out of 7 every week.

I went over my calories goals 9 times instead 4 times. Not good! Need to improve there. Yes, I was often at the low end on other days, and I am well below on my calories in/calories burned graph (LOVE that report) but if I have want to get where I am going, I have to do better. And that doesn’t even count the first few days of May – I have been so hungry! The other thing that happened was that I was being really good with food and exercise and I wasn’t seeing any movement on the scale and it got a little discouraging which I think led to a WTH attitude. And subsequently exceeded calories – and THEN saw a drop on the scale. I am not sure what message to take from that except stick to your plan as best you can and don’t sweat the day to day.

3. Drinks: not more than 4 per week, or more than 2 on any given night. Like I said, I want to build sustainable habits, and this seems reasonable.

I don’t have a good way of tracking this short of going back over my nutrition logs and I don’t feel like doing that. I did pretty well on only two drinks at a time, I think only once did I have 3 drinks. And I don’t think I was far off on not more than four a week. I need to set up a tracker for that somehow, because I know it makes a difference.

4. Cardio at least 3 times a week.

This is easy because I love it. I think I did 4x/week most weeks. A+!

5. Strength training and/or yoga 3 times per week. I am going to shoot for two NROL sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with one yoga either Wednesday or Saturday.

3 weeks out of 4 I have done either yoga or ST. Mostly 2 yoga classes and then squeezing in my PT exercises once. I have not been doing the NROL workouts, mostly because I don’t like lifting at the gym. I LOVE yoga, but I know it doesn’t replace ST. Grr. Need to figure something out because I know I need to do more ST.

6. Take one rest and recovery day per week. I’ve been taking Sunday’s and it’s been pretty nice.

Done, but generally a different day each week depending on sched. Dropping this one.

7. Track weight every Saturday and take measurements the last Saturday of the month. Was at 148.8 at the beginning of April.

I am at 147 now, down almost 2 pounds. That’s less than I would have liked but still progress. And I’ve been seeing progress in other ways: I look slimmer in my waist even though the measuring tape says I am only an inch less. And I fit in my favorite jeans again, even though the measuring tape shows no loss! I can also tell I am building muscle because I feel stronger. I can do yoga poses like Up Dog and Side Plank that I couldn’t do before, so that is a big step forward. So while I wanted to see more movement on the scale, I am making progress in other areas so it feels good.

May Goals

1. Stress Management: Keep blogging, at least once or twice a week. Meditate more! I am planning to order Deepak Chopra’s meditations, I really enjoyed them when I did them last month. I think that will help. His voice is so incredibly calming, and he has a wonderful way of setting a focus for the meditations. And the CD with focus setting and music for lots of mediations is only $20. That will make it easier and more enjoyable.

2. Stay within my calorie goals 6 days out of 7.

Yes, same goal, but I’m adding specific strategies for achieving it. I was doing well when I cut out the sweets and focused on upping the protein which is good for satiety and for building muscle. So I will focus on that again. See also drinks. But in the end, so much of this is simply about will power and I WILL do better.

3. Drinks: not more than 4 a week, not more than 2 at a time. Again, this is about building sustaninable habits. I want to set up a tracker for this so I can see how I am doing. I still struggle sometimes with wanting a drink to reduce stress (evenings only!) and I will keep on using alternate stress reduction methods like blogging, meditation or trying to accomplish some small thing instead.

4. Cardio at least 3 times a week. Running is going well but really working to mix it up and do other activities so I don’t reinjure my knee. So, I’ve been biking (30 miles!), walking, doing the elliptical. I might try Zumba this month, it looks like fun. It’s all good!

5. ST and yoga: I need to make a schedule for doing the ST 2x/week. I wish I had a buddy to do it with, but I don’t. I might slip in a Body Pump class, I’ve done them before and they are bearable. Again, it’s about will power and I WILL figure out a way to do this!

6. Track weight every Saturday and take measurements the last Saturday of the month. Read the Maintenance Team's pages to start to prepare for maintenance and inspire me to reach my goals. Try “carrot” dresses on as I see changes on the scale or in the mirror and wear them as soon as they fit! Explanation: “Carrot” clothing is dresses, pants, jeans or whatever I have in my closet that I am highly motivated to fit back into. I hang them up in my bedroom where I can see them to keep me inspired and motivate me to stick to my plan. I’ll post a picture of my current “carrot” dress in my next blog.

So, my Sparkly friends, that’s it for today. No big new revelations or awesome tactics but I have seen progress and I WILL keep moving forward! Have a great day!
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    Way to go on your goals - even if you didn't do as well as you wanted, you made progress, were mindful, and have a plan for May! And 2 pounds is nothing to sneeze at - especially as you take off 2 more and 2 more after that, right? Slow & steady. I had the opportunity to try Zumba when it a couple classes were offered through the school for free - I loved it! But my gym only offers it at times that are impossible for me to attend while working :-( Hope you give it a try and enjoy it!
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