Sunny Saturday

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Morning buddies.
Well didn't sleep well, tossed and turned and back ached. Allie woke me at 6:10 and wouldn't settle so stuck as much clothes on as needed to go out, took her a ways, did her biz and I went back to bed. Not feeding her early. So she came up, cried I said NO lay down and at 7:50 I woke, she was laying on floor with her head on the extra pillow we take off the bed, sound asleep. so I got up and fed her etc.
Back is sore today but hoping it will work itseslf out as it did yesterday. I had NO pain other than a few times here and there.
Busy but awesome weather and hopefully minimal pain again today. Perhaps the new supplement with the curcumin, bromelain and something else is helping more than just the cucurmin. What ever I will take it. and know that the physio exercises help for sure.
Have a super day!!! emoticon
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