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Hula Hoops, Making Progress & Physicals...

Friday, May 03, 2013

I bought a regular ol kids size hula hoop from Target. I had NO idea it was necessarily kid sized, but I have seen so many people on here, MOSTMOM1 and others who have had amazing success with the hula hoops. Well a little research proved that I pretty much stood NO chance of being able to do it with that particular hoop. It was too small for my height and my rather large middle. emoticon My very tall and skinny brother could do it, but me, well not so much. I ordered a 42 inch adult hoop off amazon and I look forward to it coming. I don't mind putting in time and effort to learn something, but I definitely needed the right equipment to even have a chance.

On the food front I am doing okay and I am feeling so much more in control. Thank goodness. I also had a tip from some friends to pay closer attention to my carbs, and I think that is a tool that is going to help me tremendously. I am not getting crazy and going super low carbs, or following Atkins or anything, but I am paying closer attention to it and it's helping! What it is doing for me personally, is it is pushing me away from the convenience foods that we all know are bad for me anyways. For example, a lean pocket at 280 calories isn't so bad on that account, but it has almost 40 carbs. *SHRIEKS IN HORROR* So at the very least, I may not be following a "low carb diet", BUT I am in a backhanded way being forced to make better choices. I am feeling better, I am eating more food before, eating less calories and feeling satisfied. This has only been a couple days of doing this, but I haven't found a reason that I would want to stop just yet. :)

I had a few status updates about it, but last year my A1C test was in the high range for a possibility of pre diabetes. I weighed in at 224 in September. When I left there I vowed to myself I'd be coming back September 2013 possibly at 180 or at the very least in Onederland. Well that was a good plan, until I stalled and regained 10 pounds. So here I sit, around 217, in the beginning of May. I have decided for myself that I will schedule my physical for the beginning of October, and that I will dedicate the next 5 months to losing weight. Let's be honest, my goal for the past year has been to lose weight... I'm not losing weight "for the physical", it's not like wanting to do it to look good for a wedding or whatever (there is nothing wrong with that btw), but I am tricking myself into getting motivated by this. I do not want to be lectured by the doctor, she wants to sign me up for a prediabetes class if my number hasn't gone down. While that isn't a big deal, I already know, I've researched, I know all about the white floury carbs and all the things they want to tell me. I need to get the job done, and the A1C is not a number that can drop over night... so while I may not see a huge drop this year, at least I can take comfort in knowing I'm working towards something.

If I can lose 6 pounds a month I can be about 190 when I see the doctor, and at least I would be proud to walk in and show that I have been making progress. So let's get this show on the road!
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  • JUDY106
    I am so proud of you because you have chose a good amount of lbs. to lose per month. When we have been changing what and how much we are eating the body slows down showing the weight lost on the scales and I see you have been working on this for awhile, so the 6 lbs. per month is really a great goal. i am down to losing one or two lbs. a month. I hope this Summer I can do better. I am thankful that I have not gained.
    Thanks for sharing with us. You have got a good ideal about working toward your Doctor's appointment's date to work toward your goal to Onewonderland. You can do it. Hugs, Judy
    1815 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2013 11:20:33 PM
    While the appointment itself isn't the reason for weight loss, the healthier body is! So I'd definitely say that is motivation. You want the doctor to see lower numbers so you know there is lower risks of getting it! I also think that 6 pounds a month is completely do-able! You've got this! As for the child sized hula-hoop.. maybe you could use it to work out your arms and legs. I'm sure there is something you can do with it! My next random thought.. if you push yourself extra hard you may see an even lower number than 190! Seriously looking forward to you hitting Onederland.. cuz I know it is coming sooner than you realize!
    1815 days ago
    You are just such a trooper! I like how you just keep pushing and trying to get things right for YOU. I know that you are not one to just go from one thing to another but when you make a change to your plan, you think it through and do the research. I have faith that you will be in Onederland very soon! You got this!!!
    1815 days ago
    You can definitely do the 6 pounds a month. I think you need to focus on eating to be healthy not just to lose the weight. Diabetes is such an insidiuous process, it attacks all your organs If you can get your A1C in better range, you will be so much healthier.

    Good Luck. You have the power to do this!! emoticon
    1817 days ago
    I'm glad you scheduled your physical. It kind of gives you a time frame and a goal to work towards. Of course you want the praise of your doctor but you want the lower A1C even more. I know you can do it.

    I'm proud of you for going to the doctor and getting physicals. You're in control of your health in every way and I'm so proud of you. :)
    1818 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Loved the invisible hula hoop pic! Good luck on your hoop skills. emoticon
    1818 days ago
    I think you have a very realistic outlook, and a great plan! I am also amazed when I review the carbs, fat and protein, and how that knowledge alters my choices.
    Just an FYI, the A1c is a measure of the sugar stuck to the hemaglobin in red blood cells. Since the lifespan of a red blood cell is 3 months, there needs to be at least that much time for a change to take place. So the fact that your appointment is 5 months away, that is good...plenty of time to eat healthier so your A1c number is lower by the time of your appointment. Good luck!!! Keep up the good work! emoticon
    1818 days ago
    Look around and see if there's a hoop class in your area. You might be surprised. It's such a fun way to learn, being in a group. That grown-up sized hoop is gonna be night and day difference, just you wait and see. Let me know when you get it!
    emoticon emoticon
    1818 days ago
    emoticon So glad to see you are still moving forward! I love carbs, but I have found that they just don't love me the same way... I can't wait to read an update about the hula hoop. I have thought of trying it, but I need to look more into it.
    1818 days ago
    Well, depending on how you look at have lost about a pound a month average since September, so there's that.

    I'm right there with you on the 10 lb gain thing. Starting to turn it around a bit here, glad to hear you may be doing the same. Here's to us both getting back on the right road!
    1819 days ago
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