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Friday, May 03, 2013

April was a good month for me. A very good month. Wanted to report in on inches lost in April... drum roll...

Neck -1
Arm -1
Waist -2
Hips -2
Thighs - 1.5
Calf -1
Chest -1.5
Total 10 inches.

Weight loss as of today is

pounds... 13 of those were in April. I got this in my email after weighing in on my Aria Scale this morning (I weigh everyday but have schooled myself to look at it as data.. but that's another post).

Woot Woot

is the number of pounds I have left to lose to meet my August 16th goal. This is completely doable. I have 15 weeks until I leave for Africa... 30 pounds to go... 15 weeks.. that's an average of 2lbs a week!!! YEAH!! For the last 8 weeks I've been averaging 2.9lbs a week... so I think I can do this!!

I have purposefully left all the other blogs I've written from all of my other attempts to lose weight. Why? In part to encourage people like me that have tried again and again to lose weight not to give up. I've received a couple of emails asking what is different this time. It wasn't that I had more "willpower" or even that "this time" felt different. What IS different is my approach. I latched on to the old definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I've already outlined in another post the multiple things I have tried to lose weight (
) So, I found something I hadn't tried - CrossFit and CrossFit introduced me to a way of eating I'd never tried - Paleo.

For me, CrossFit and Paleo was the perfect union. The dynamic duo. The intensity of the workouts motivated me... constant change... pushing my limits.. competing with myself.. trying - no DOING - new things I never thought I'd do. Add to that a complete and total disappearance of cravings, a feeling of being nourished, elimination of hypoglycemia, constant energy and a sense of satiety I have never known before... and THAT is what's different this time.

I do not have any more (or less) motivation than the other times. I just found what worked for me! It suddenly was sorta easy (gulp, can't believe I just said that)... from almost day 1 the focus was on what I am BUILDING (strength, endurance, balance, agility) rather than what I was "losing". Because THEN the successes (and most of those successes had nothing to do with pounds at first) began to build momentum and the momentum sometimes looks like motivation... it all started with ACTION... and then momentum... I've still got a long ways to go... but I hope this sorta answers the question of "what's different this time"..

Again, I'm only 40lbs into a much longer journey... so I'm not near done yet... I'm just trying to describe where I am in my mental game right now and why I think this has been my most successful weight loss attempt in decades... yes... DECADES.

My dang app malfunctioned tonight so I don't have any cool graphs - dang it! I did a 500m row, twisting lunges, kicks, then 3 rounds of 10 alternate leg step ups with a 30lb kettlebell with high knees, 7 ring rows and 5 overhead presses (45lbs)... ended with a 500m row in 2:11 which is a PR for me AND coach says this is right in there with all the other girls at the gym.. he says most of them row 500m in 2:00-2:15.. and I did 2:11!!!!! I was ecstatic!!!

105 days til Africa
30lbs to go to meet my Zip Line Goal

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    Congratulations, Annie!!! You hit the nail on the head when you said it was a "mental game". Everything we do in life always starts with a mindset and then doing something different than we have ever done before. I believ this is the key that unlocks our successes in life and that is what is different for me this time as well.

    Reading your post, I have no doubts that you will reach your goal. You have a great mindset and attitude. Best wishes for continued success!! Keep rockin' on! Thank you for sharing your success!


    1818 days ago
    Woohoo!! It's exciting to see your progress every week! I think some of us are looking forward to that zip line as much as you are!

    The most stunning thing about eating well is that you can imagine yourself just eating this way for the rest of your life and feeling this great, right? Who knew that all these years the aches and pains we attributed to "growing older" and "musta slept wrong" and "I just always feel drowsy in the middle of the afternoon, even if I got a good night's sleep" all related to the food we were eating!
    1818 days ago
    Good for you! I appreciate your sharing, and I am very proud of you!

    Maybe you'll post a picture soon? maybe?
    1818 days ago
    Well, you nailed it. You quit doing the same thing expecting different results.
    I'm going to engrave that on my eyelids. I'm guilty of doing that for 5...yep, count'em 5 years even w/ SP's help.

    You are a wise woman. Thanks for sharing your "trials and errors" with us.
    1818 days ago
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