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Online Dating

Friday, May 03, 2013

Online dating can be a scary thing. Especially if it's your mom doing it. I'm not against meeting someone online. That's how I met hubby. But that old saying about kissing many frogs before finding the prince is so true of meeting someone online. Believe me...I kissed a fair amount of frogs before I found my Prince. But when it's your MOM doing it...well that scares me! My mom is 79. She's young for her age and always on the go. But as she gets older and her friends find someone, it makes her lonely. My step father passed away a few yrs ago, I think she's looking for companionship now. So she joined Christanmingle.com. She got a some emails from some guys, but she didn't like the tone of the emails. So she dropped the site and didn't renew. Well now some guy has emailed her. He said he found her profile on Christanmingle, but wanted to contact her outside of that site. He says he's 82, live within 50 miles of mom, is a widower, has 2 kids. He told her that one kid is in Madagascar and the other in Spain. Also that he worked for the VBI (the Virgina Bureau of Investigation). But that something happened that made him frightened. so he moved cross country, to where's he's at now. Google doesn't come up with much...just a guy with the same name, in the same town, with kids, and married. His picture doesn't match the one the guy sent my mom (he sent 3..but they look pretty staged to me.). So now my sister and I are trying to check him out. I mean...there are people out there that prey on older and alone folks. Maybe I'm over reacting? You might mess with me...but DO NOT mess with my family! emoticon

So I talked to my sister and my mom tonight. My mom forwarded me an email he sent. I'm not sure what to make of it. I mean there wasn't anything to throw up any further red flags. But my sister and I still have loads of questions. And if this guy is legit, then I don't want to mom to miss out on having a companion. When I was talking to my mom, she told me that last night she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She said she felt heavy, almost weighted down when she moved, was light headed. She said she ended up setting on the bathroom floor for while, until she felt better. I asked her if she had any pain with it and she said No. But she'll contact her Dr about it. This along with a couple of other things (minor fender bender and some financial stuff) has me really worried about her. My mom is a very independent lady! I'm going to keep in closer contact with my sister about all of this. I know she's worried too. emoticon

Eating today was great. I didn't go over calories and even though I was 1/2 lb up this morning, I'm sure it was the salt in dinner last night. Tonight I made pork steak with onion rings, with a Weight Watchers Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. The a skinny cow cone for a snack. Still under calories (close to the top of my range though). Since tomorrow is Sat, no breakfast for me...just Starbucks and while I normally do Skinny, I'm going to try a fully loaded new Caramel Ribbon Crunch frap. That means whipped cream and all. But I'm just going to have it once, unless they can make it skinny, Then next week (Sat) I'll try the other new one...Cookie Crumble frap. I plan on walking a lot tomorrow. emoticon

I did 60 mins in the gym today. It felt better today. I didn't seem to lag as much as yesterday. And the hot shower after was great. I get so dewy when I workout! So I have 163 Fitness mins so far for the May challenge in the fitness program at work. I need to do 400 mins total in 30. Not a problem!! emoticon

OK that's it for me. Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Online dating can be very scary regardless of age. I've done my share of online dating and met a couple of nice guys. but as you said, had to deal with a ton of frogs. I used to go on Craigslist. A while ago, there were guys who were interested in dating. These days ? Too many seem to be interested in either one night stands or cheating.

    I had one guy contact me who was foolish enough to use his real name. Guess what ? I did google him and found his WEDDING announcement. and yes, his picture did match. His bride was gorgeous and they'd been married three years. So, yes, he could have been divorced. but what does it say about a guy who gets divorced after three years of marriage ?

    anyway, you do have to be really careful. Here's the thing, this guy may be embellishing his profile in hopes of finding someone. I'd like to think that Christian Mingle is better than Craigslist, but you just can't be too sure. Too many people use these sites to cheat.

    Of course, at 82, how much of a playa can this guy be ? I would say if your mom is interested in meeting the guy, she bring along a chaperone. If this guy says he won't meet mom with a chaperone, cut him loose.

    Also, I googled the virginia bureau of investigation too. There is a bureau of criminal investigation that is part of the virginia state police, but no bureau of investigation listed. Once again, he could be okay and just trying to appear more interesting. And he could be slightly delusional too. Either way, if they do decide to meet up, go with her and meet this guy.

    1816 days ago
    Ut-oh.. You two are good daughters for protecting your Mom!! There are a lot of scary people on line.

    Good job on your food choices and fitness!

    Loved your joke
    1817 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1818 days ago
    Well that's pretty darn scary. Hang in there till you find this guy. Is there anyone you can go to to help track him down, someone with access to police data bases? He should be in them if he worked for that Bureau (if there even IS such a thing?). Keep us posted. Hugs, Calen~
    1818 days ago
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