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We should all give ourselves a big pat on the back!

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Friday, May 03, 2013

It has been super slow at work this past week. Quarterly payrolls are done. April 15th is long gone now. The accountants still have work to do, but I have none right now. Since I have had free time, I have been browsing on Spark friend blogs again. I noticed about half of the blogs mention the words "scared" "worried" and/or "upset".

We are all on Spark for a reason. Some of us want to fit into a dress for a wedding. Others want to lose their freshman 15. There are other Sparkers who are training to run marathons. Some of us can afford personal trainers and some of us use laundry detergent as weights! No matter what the reason, we are all trying to better ourselves in some way. I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for being on this website. No matter how we are feeling right now, we have all accomplished some kind of goal. Most of us have many goals for the near and far future. We all stumble at some point. Just being on this site shows you have the strength to better yourself even if you don't see it!

I wish everyone would take a minute and just breathe. Give yourself a hug - give yourself a compliment! We are all different, but we all deserve the recognition of being a good person. Even if you feel weak, you are still a great person. Your goal may be to not drink soda for a day or run 20 miles in one day. Even if we don't reach our goals right away, we still deserve a reward for trying. The reward could be telling yourself "you WILL do it tomorrow!" Keep moving forward and look to the next day. Just saying "YES " instead of "maybe" can really help!

I get scared about losing weight. Actually, I still feel scared about it. I get nervous about what people I don't know think about me. In the past, I used to be really upset about it. I put all this energy into being stressed over something I can't control. People will think what they want no matter what to do. People in general are never satisfied. I wish I could show everyone that you need to care about yourself! If you aren't happy with yourself, take small steps to try to fix it. Maybe learning to love your attempt to better yourself can be even better than getting to the end result. Use the energy you put into stress into something else!

Everyone can lose a pound in one way or another. The journey we take is still important no matter which way we go. We all have good days and bad days. I wish I could help everyone who was having a bad day. Sometimes when I am down, I try everything to make myself smile - but it doesn't always work. I just try to remind myself that I have the chance to try again tomorrow. Life is short, and we may not have a tomorrow, but I still try to tell myself Now that I can't give up!

I am still one pound away from my goal weight. Am I scared? Maybe. I don't know. Am I worried I will never lose that one pound? Yes and No. I KNOW I could get to 155 if I only ate celery and carrots all day. That wouldn't be worth it. I don't want to lie to myself about the weight loss. I lost so much weight, and I don't feel like the person I see in the old pictures of myself. It would be so easy to just eat unhealthy foods again. It would be cheaper, more convenient, and tastier! But I need to stop and give myself that pat on the back to keep myself going. It isn't easy to be on this healthy journey. I know it isn't always easy for my Sparkfriends also. Life isn't easy. Life is a challenge!

Thank you to everyone who has posted on my blog, and also on other pages! Your support is appreciated! Hopefully everyone has a nice rest of the day. Even if you went over calories for the day, don't give up. Even if you wanted to go to the gym but can't - don't give up! Keep sparking!

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