Don't Microwave Your Broccoli

Friday, May 03, 2013

I loved cutting off florets of broccoli from the tree into a luncheon dish, adding butter and s&p, snapping the lid on, and taking it to work. Sooooooo easy to microwave. Fresh broccoli is so healthy and so Inexpensive to buy at ALDIs, unlike fresh green beans etc. And I know all the healthy properties of broccoli, a cruciferous veggie. For packing a lunch it is super easy, fast, and almost prep-less; love it. I felt better about eating spahghetti & sauce on one side of the divided microwave luncheon dish, when fresh green broccoli was on the other side.

I just learned microwaving broccoli destroys the sulforaphane in broccoli. Sigh.

I stay away from microwaving in general. No I don't heat water in it, either. When there's a choice, I don't use it. I make oatmeal from scratch on the stovetop, the old fashioned way, for example. The packets are NOT healthy, and, old-fashioned (not quick, not instant) oatmeal is lower glycemic than the other kinds. But for broccoli at work . . . yes I used the microwave. I cook from scratch for health reasons, and reheating at work in the microwave had been how I rolled. It's much healthier to pack your lunch (even if you have to use the microwave to reheat) than it is to buy packaged or instant convenience foods. At least, that's what I THOUGHT.

I'm going to start packing cold lunches that don't need to be reheated. emoticon I've got to readjust my idea of "what is healthy" for lunches.

Or invest in a few thermoses. Or something I can plug in at work. Take a steamer with me, maybe. A small one.

How do you pack healthy lunches to go?

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What Is Sulforaphane?
Sulforaphane is a molecule within the isothiocyanate group of organosulfur compounds. It exhibits anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties in experimental models. It is obtained from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cabbages.
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