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A slight insanity

Friday, May 03, 2013

Sometimes stress comes out in snapping at folks, sometimes in hasty decisions, sometimes in giggles... and sometimes on the racecourse. Sometimes it comes out in bad behavior with food. So far this week not... because I know I have to go those 13.1 miles come Sunday, no matter what!

So... it leaked out in other ways. Since I couldn't snap at folks, I decided to relieve my stress by working more not less. It all started when mother nature refused to cooperate with my grand plan to get my air conditioning "Spring check" done today, when I had a planned vacation day. I got the phone call at work yesterday that the weather just wasn't going to do it for the company that does this work, and they needed to reschedule. So much for THAT use for my vacation day.

I already knew there was a work meeting this morning that I really did *not* want to miss and I had been grumpy about missing it because without a technical voice in the room, business people too far away from the process can really get weird expectations of what "the system" can do for them and "when"... (you've all seen the cartoon, I'm sure). I had one more set of contract folks coming to the house today... to look at my "irrigation" system (read as the broken underground sprinkler system).

Well, since I first set that appointment, I've been thinking and totting up my budget and becoming more and more rebellious about the whole idea of wasting my resources on the grass. And that's how it came out: I called and canceled this appointment. I'm just NOT going to do that this year. Doesn't mean some year I won't succumb to the perceived social pressure to maintain a better lawn. Doesn't mean I won't put a little more effort into manual watering this year. But it does mean, NO! I will NOT do this just to employ more lawn services!

When I got home and found the bill for the "overseeding" in my mailbox, I felt justified. Enough is enough. Before:

This morning:

So, there is visible progress. And today, on my planned vacation day, I shall sneak into work for that meeting. I forewarned the meeting holder and my boss... and at least I'll have ears in the meeting. Then I shall leave and go do my pre-HM "stuff" and get my mind better suited.

It is a slight insanity. But it is NOT going to be buried under inappropriate types and volumes of food. Not this time!

Pep talk reminders:
* HYDRATE, already, the race is two days away.
* Eat what's in the bag, it's why you packed it.
* Remember to breathe
* Walk gently throughout the day
* Be true to yourself, as Shakespeare wrote, for thus you cannot be false to any man. (We won't go into the use of irony here... it's good advice whoever gave it out...)

LIFE is good. Spark on! emoticon
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