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This is my Path, So Get Off It - La Verdad

Friday, May 03, 2013

Today marks one week of no cell phone. And it has been fantastic. Sure there is some adjustment, but well worth the sacrifice.

Hold up, what's that you say, I need a cell phone?

Oh, you have some more things you need to tell me. You think I should have lost the weight before I quit smoking. You are tired of calling me to tell me about our next meeting and wish I would just get a Facebook already. You think I should just get regular food and supplies at Wal-Mart like everyone else. And you wonder why I have to be so difficult.

Well let me tell you something, This is my path, so get off it!!

So, as it turns out, discovering the truth during this transformation was not all to be centered on my faults and misunderstandings. My discovery this week was that on this journey to better myself, so many people seem to have an opinion on what I should be doing. For some reason, there are people, and a lot of them, that think I need to be walking on the same path that everyone else is walking on. As if I am hurting them by choosing to blaze my own trail and form my own opinions on what is healthy for me and my family. These people step on me, laugh at my dreams, and try to knock me off my path.

Who are they to tell me how I should be walking when they have never stepped in my shoes. And who am I to think I should have to listen to them. My world does not revolve around social trends and fake niceties. I do not have to entertain the man while he goes through my underwear drawer. And I don't care that you went through all that trouble to assign me a number and you are bothered that I'm not walking in line with the rest of them.

I blaze my own trail because I know what is best for me. This is what makes me feel good. I do not judge you for huddling with the masses. That is your journey, do what you like. But for me, I want to climb this mountain. I know what it is like to stay down here on this plateau. It doesn't work for me. I want to see what other possibilities are out there if I dare to open my mind.

And you, my friend, who has only lifted me and supported me on this journey, "Get off my Path!" You have your own trail to blaze. Our Journeys through this transformation can not possibly be exactly the same and we should not judge each other if they differ. For much of this transformation, we may walk close enough to hold hands or pull each other up. But don't be afraid to meander left if the wind pulls you. This is your journey, and the center of it does revolve around you.

And my universe, it revolves around me and those closest to me. And I will not apologize for making these changes. I will not cower or feel ashamed that I have chosen different than you. This is my Journey. This is the Path that I choose to take. This is my truth.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you clarified that....but it just goes to prove my point, somewhat, that people can get the wrong impression just reading words, don't you think?

    A pox on those people who are irate with you....just send them Love & Light, they are also on their own journey, just ask them, maybe, not to be so judgmental....I have found that if you send people Love & Light, sincerely, then they can't upset you any are entitles to go your own way, we all have free will....

    Love & Light to you....

    Sylvia xx

    emoticon YOU ARE emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1813 days ago
    1813 days ago
    I never meant to be so generalized as to imply I was talking about regular comments and opinions. You know the saying. This was a venting blog directed towards a few people that were actually irate with me.

    When you are pregnant or changing your life, everyone wants to talk about things with you because change is interesting. Now, while an overload of opinions may get annoying at times, this blog is not about those types of opinions.

    What would your response be if someone was saying "Why do you have to be so difficult. You are being stupid. Why can't you just be like everyone else."

    Friends, please comment. Just don't yell at me for eating more vegetables. Don't call me stupid for choosing something different. It's called constructive criticism, not deconstructive. It's meant to build you up and make you stronger. Every thing else, which this blog was referring to, is deconstructive and hurtful.
    1814 days ago
    I've also found that people often get the 'wrong' impressions when reading what I have written. They don't 'get' my humour, & sometimes I come across as being bossy, (wot, me, A Leo? Never!! lol ) when all I'm trying to do is to advise & help, to put information that may help in front of all good Lightworkers should be doing....
    I got the impression, for instance, that you were angry when you wrote this blog, at least, pissed off!
    Were you?
    I sorta agree with WEARING THIN (Hi, Glenn) hard to respond! Does that mean you don't want any new friends? Just wondering....

    I get your point, big time....wouldn't dream of telling you what to do, but does that mean you never want anyone to maybe suggest an article or whatever? I've long been a believer in Spirit directing me to people who need some's sometimes spooky....

    Maybe read your blog back & let us know how you really
    Kidding, I'm kidding....sense of humour....please...

    Sending much Love, and Light to brighten up your journey....

    Sylvia xx

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1815 days ago
    You are right, we all have our own trail to blaze! emoticon
    1817 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Hey, you! Get off of my path!

    Opinions are like belly buttons... everybody has one!

    It's amazing how much people want to share them with you especially when you appear to be breaking free or are free from the "group think"/"popular"/"social" mentality.

    Don't rock the popular status quo... it makes them tetchy! Oh my gosh... is this something new that we're missing out on? Quick! Jump on the bandwagon!

    I proudly wear my "weird but sweet" label having long marched to the beat of a different drummer. My husband is exactly the same way.
    And our brothers and sisters don't get it, never have, and never will!

    Q: If it's not affecting anyone else but me and those I consider family, why is it on anyone's radar?

    A: Because no one wants to be left out, especially if it has the potential to become a "new" thing or trend.

    1818 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/3/2013 8:23:54 AM
    1818 days ago
    So how does one comment on your blog post, except ot just wish you the best , but then is that too much on your path? So anyway, I'll try it. Best wishes, Glenn
    1818 days ago
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