SP ruins surprises

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Well if nobody has noticed SP now has ads that involve things you have looked up lately. I've looked at rings, dresses, and even different cable companies, and so forth. Well SP has had ads everyday for those things I have gone to!

Well get home and log on to track things and notice FTD is popping up every place I go on here! Plus ads for the hotel we are staying at in CO! And I booked it the other day and have not been on that site since!

I am going to go out on a limb here and say Ryan bought me flowers and they will be waiting in our hotel room! I have not been on FTD flowers website in a long time. I will report back Monday or if I log on with my phone while relaxing if my guess was right!

I will still be shocked when/if it happens. Ryan is not big on romance after all. Let alone surprises, he sucks at surprising me!

But Thank you SP for blowing his cover!

I could go back and look at the history but I will not! Just like his bank account it's his and he can do what he wants (not buy this gun he wants!!!!!) No need to snoop. No reason to snoop. Plus last Christmas I ruined my gift from him! I was going in my history for something I needed and forgot, and I clicked on a link wondering what the heck it was and when I did, it was obvious it was my gift.... Christmas day came and I was right.

Time to get ready for CO!!!!!

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