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Hair Loss, geeze

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Yeah. Can't deny what I'm seeing every time I wash my hair, or run a brush through it... I'm losing "excessive" hair. Darn it.

I know this is related to the weight loss. And I know it is "temporary." I've been down this road once before, back in 1999, the first time I shed significant weight. I was so alarmed that I first talked to my personal trainer and then to my physician. Both concurred that my protein intake was way too low (a nutritional deficit that can trigger hair loss), and the doctor further reassured me that it was almost certainly going to be a temporary issue, explaining that the physical shock to the body of "rapid/significant weight loss" was a common trigger for hair loss. I was advised to watch my protein, and also my iron.

I thought maybe I could avoid this side-effect, this time 'round. I have tried to be very careful with my protein intake (though I'm always on the extreme lowest end of my range... and sometimes below it - but when I go below, I try and "make up for it" by having a higher-protein day so it all evens out over the week).

But - nope. It's happening again. Started noticing it about 2-3 weeks ago (somewhere around the 30#-lost mark). It caught my attention, and I started getting very vigilant about watching my minimum protein grams. Started reminding myself to take that "daily multivitamin plus iron." But to no avail. The last few days have been just disturbingly terrible.

So... I'm entering Carnivore Mode now. Funny, after 4 months of "2-3 ounce portions of meat, if any," just how luxury-ridiculous a six ounce steak or a thick-cut pork chop looks on my plate. Gotta admit, the last 3-4 dinners have felt like sheer decadence (and extreme deliciousness).

Just gotta keep trying to be Zen about it. This too shall pass.

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    I thought weight loss and stress of losing my Dad was the reason for gobs of hair coming out. Beau's lines on my nails,cracked and peeling lips,weird hair condition all point to zinc deficiency from being celiac.I get b12 shots and take iron. Ugh its so awful its not improving
    1870 days ago
    Oh dear. The man will not be pleased. He was just mentioning the other day how nice it is around the house without the random "hair squirrels" flickering around that we had when I lost 1/3 of my hair to chemo. Now that it's started coming back again I get to tell him that the "squirrels" might be back?! emoticon

    Oh well, at least it's mildly entertaining to yell out "Squirrel" any time one of us caught sight of one from the corner of our eye... especially when we have company...

    Thanks for the heads-up --- I hate to think where my mind would've gone if my hair started falling out again and I didn't have a reason why!

    It's a good thing he loves me... emoticon
    1872 days ago
    Mhm, it's two of the "causes/risk factors" as noted on Mayo Clinic's site (you can search their site for "Hair Loss" and see that one cause is "A physical or emotional shock. Many people experience a general thinning of hair several months after a physical or emotional shock. Examples include sudden or excessive weight loss, a high fever, or a death in the family." and one of the risk factors is "Poor nutrition. Your hair may thin out if you skimp on good dietary sources of iron and protein, such as red meat, nonfat dairy products and iron-fortified cereal. Hair loss related to poor nutrition often accompanies eating disorders and crash dieting."

    Of course there's lots of other possible causes too (i.e. thyroid issues, and yes I am hypothyroid, so we'll see if anything unusual crops up on my next blood test), but this just feels too identical to "last time this happened" and with the timing coinciding with "rapid weight loss", I feel fairly certain there will turn out to be a direct link (again). Sigh!

    On the plus side - last time this happened to me, my hair got REALLY thin but it WAS temporary and my hair returned completely to normal in time. So I am not quite as panicky this time :)
    1872 days ago
    I had no idea that was a side effect of weight loss, but I had just noticed what seemed to be a ridiculous amount of hair on my brush the last few days! And I've lost just about 35 pounds, myself. How strange (the coincidence, that is).

    I'm always low protein being nearly vegetarian, but I've been doing my best to keep my intake as high as possible. I sort of "went off" my yogurt kick the last couple of weeks; I wonder if that's what triggered it.

    Something to ask about at my next appointment for sure.
    1872 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    A handful of almonds or a few extra servings of beans are high in protein too! I made a pot of chile last night, lots of pintos in it.. less meat than before, but more beans.. less guilt too.
    1872 days ago
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