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Stumbling Onward

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I'm the kind of person who gets good news and immediately begins to worry about things that could go disastrously wrong. Or even just annoyingly wrong :)

IF I end up with a full time job (it looks good! your dervish dances are working!) there will be many benefits:
career advancement
being downtown everyday, where I can kayak, or kickbox, or run on the RiverWalk
new friends
paid vacation time
and the list could go on...

But, there will also be some challenges to address:
time - to clean, to rest, to shop/prep/cook meals, to run errands, to take my dad to the doctor, etc.
energy levels - it's tough to maintain a high energy level day in and day out
a new schedule - right now I get up at 8:30 am and it's wonderful. I will have to get up much, much earlier to deal with a commute (like 5:45)
commuting - my car will need some major care in order to handle a commute everyday. I will probably need a new one soon.
and THIS list could go on, too...

So, I'm trying to think of ways to make my home life more streamlined, and easier to handle. This morning I had a revelation about my attitude regarding housework: I can do it later. Working from home, it's easy to toss a load of laundry in whenever. If the floor needs to be mopped, I can always do it tomorrow, or during the weekend (this means it happens LESS often than it did when I was working full time).

In one way, having a job outside the home might just help me run a tighter ship. And that would be great. But, if that's going to be the case, I need to set some things up now.

At the moment, my husband and I are split between two rooms: our daughters' room which is now mostly empty, and our bedroom, which is still cram packed. I'd like to get ALL of our kids' stuff moved to their house (after two years for the oldest and 6 months for the youngest - it's about time!), and all of our stuff moved into their room (it's much bigger and nicer than our current room). If everything is in place and easy to find, getting dressed at what will feel like an outrageously early hour will be easier.

I'd also like to get my kitchen super organized, and maybe even do a little batch cooking, so that eating will be a little easier. Since I'm trying to switch from steel cut oats for breakfast to a container of Greek yogurt, breakfast should be easier. However, I'm going to need some simple, quick, delicious lunch and snack options. Things that can be tossed into my purse easily, but that will keep me going all day long.

General organization of our home is desperately needed. With systems for easy cleaning, and things in places where they can be easily found, life is just smoother. Right now I have time to deal with bumps and obstacles, but without that could be frustrating.

Getting to the chiropractor again is a high priority, regardless of the work situation. The one mostly pain free day was a big revelation. I want MORE days where it doesn't hurt. I still haven't returned to any kind of normal work out schedule because I'm figuring if it still hurts to stand, it will definitely hurt to lift weights or run. So that's all on hold. I feel my muscles getting mushy.

Ah, mushy. Yes, that brings me to another fitness-related thought. Yesterday I went shopping (I will have to have a whole new wardrobe if I get this job. Seriously, I basically own 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of work out pants, and 10 tie-dyed T shirts).

There's nothing like the horrible lighting of a fitting room to make you feel unhappy with your body. I also don't have a full length mirror in the bathroom, so I never see myself undressed. I half wish I hadn't yesterday. It didn't make me feel good. At all.

It did, however, make me start thinking about my goals. A good friend, whom I have mad respect for and who knows her stuff when it comes to strength, endurance, and exercise in general, suggested that I might not want to train for the half in November...the thought of not doing it really bums me out. Endurance training tends to stall weight loss.

But, the idea of focusing in on fat loss is very, very appealing. Especially after what I saw in the mirror yesterday. I'm really not sure what to do now, but I do know that I need the pain to go away, and also...the BELLY to start shrinking. Job or no job, those two things must happen.

Continue thinking happy job thoughts for me, and thank you all for being such a wonderful, supportive, and wise group of friends.
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    For lunches, a friend of mine got me onto what she calls 'salad prizes'. In none container, put your protein and fats (some grilled meat, some nuts, some cheese, salad dressing) and in another put all your cut veggies and whatnot that you don't want getting soggy. When it comes time to eat, dump the protein/fat container into the veggie container, replace lid and shake shake shake. Then enjoy!

    You mentioned it, but I'll say it again, batch cooking is always awesome :) I believe spark has an article or two with recipe links to creating your own frozen meals. If your new work place has a microwave, you can just pop it in and you're ready to go. And slowcooker! Yessss. Just sayin'.

    As for cleaning things, a lot of newer appliances have timers, so you can set your dishwasher or clothes washer to be done just when you arrive at home, and then toss the clothes into the dryer or put away the dishes (or straight to the table where your slowcooker meal is ready to be served? Oooh). The other stuff... meh. There's a BIG difference between untidy and dirty. If you have to sweep or dust slightly less often, no biggie. I tend to just spot clean areas that obviously need it at the time, and then do an overall clean later when I have more time.

    Fingers crossed for the dream job!
    1846 days ago
    One day at a time precious!
    1846 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    More happy dervish dancing for you !

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Try not to worry about things that haven't happened yet. Focus on the here and now for the time being so that you don't get overwhelmed. It's important to be prepared, but you want to take time to savor the moment too.

    And now back to our happy dancing.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1846 days ago
    I think you're very wise to plan ahead like this! I work almost full-time (34 hours a week) and have a shorter commute (10 minutes). But I do find that I get much more done when I'm working. I just have to organize and use my time more efficiently. Hopefully the same will hold true for you.

    Best wishes!
    1846 days ago
    Good planning!
    1846 days ago
    Excellent thoughts. I think it's wise to think ahead and maybe start getting used to being more organized right now.
    And then also, some things will straighten themselves out as you go along. I think after a while you can get used to getting up early and also if you exercise - kickboxing and kayaking, wow - your energy may pick up.
    1846 days ago
    1847 days ago
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