RE: Things Are Slightly, Getting Better.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

RE: Things are slightly, getting better, since i last, came Online i, told you about, my Money situation, (no Benefit Money, 4 8 weeks, this week).

Well since i, last came Online, i had a, fone call on, Tuesday 30th April, 2013 (2 days ago,) saying that, my Benefit Money, had gone into, my Bank Account.

I asked them, why it had, taken so long, to sort it, out they said, that they had, lost all my, 'paperwork' eg Claim, Forms etc etc, otherwise i would, have had my, Benefit Money sooner.

I also asked, them how long, it would take, to go into, my Bank Account, + how much, would it be, 2 they said, it would be, in my Bank, Account the same, day.

Apparently it takes, 2 hrs 4, it 2 go, back in2 my, Bank Account +, the amount would, be £424,00 i, thought as it, had been 8, weeks that it, would be more, than what he, said.

So i then, the next day, i checked my, Bank Account bearing,in mind i, only had £1.40p, in my Bank, Account to begin, with they had, put in2 my, Bank Account £427.40p, (6 weeks, Benefit Money), not 8 weeks, which i should, have been given.

I am currently, on the lowest, payment 4 (Benefit Money), which is £71.00, a week!!!!, !!!! !!!! !!!!, i am keeping, my fingers crossed, that i win, back all my, Incapacity Benefit (the full proper, payment all back - dated), from when i, lost it on, Monday 25th February 2013, @ this Tribunal, in either August, /September later, on this year, i will let, you all know. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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