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Week 27 : Thursday

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I do seem to lead an exciting life. My business partner in Germany who shares a website with me received an enquiry through my email address to provide 5 weeks of German lessons from the first week of June. It sounded a bit like scams that I have had asking for me to teach music lessons, but in the this case the enquirer said that the course was sponsored by the United Nations and wanted to send a cheque for 6560 Euros to cover her costs and the costs of the cab to bring the 4 adults to her for the lessons. I helped her to write back and she sent them an invoice for 3150 Euros to cover her fees and expenses and said should could not accept money to pass on to another company. That cheque arrived this morning - but in pounds sterling drawn on a Barclays bank account in London - for the 6560 pounds sterling. I also got an email to ask me to let them know immediately that the cheque had arrived and cleared.

My partner got her husband to phone the German police and explain what had happened. They confirmed our fears that it is a scam so I volunteered to phone the British Action Fraud department to report it here along with all the details. It took about 45 minutes to give all the details but they were very helpful. It is hard to see what benefit the fraudsters get out of this because if the cheque did clear into her account then how would they get it back, unless they were banking on her returning the outstanding balance to them via the cab company, but they would have given her a gift of just under a half. I thought maybe they just wanted innocent idiots to launder money for them but it does seem unlikely.

I was scammed myself last year and the year before and lost a few hundreds sterling, which makes me feel sick that I was so stupid as to be taken in, but the follow up was that they phoned and tried to bully me into continuing to pay for non-existent web services, which truly frightened me and told me I owed over 7,000. When I went to the police locally they weren't interested even though the people threatened me and said the bailifs were on the way. The police officer just told me to ring and sort it out. It was a scam because although they phoned back another three times, each time I said I owed no money and put the phone down. I suppose I am on mugs list for others to try and scam me, but I have learned my lesson the hard way. The Action Fraud people were very kind and have asked me to report the full details for them to investigate. It won't benefit me, but may prevent others being subjected to similar fraud.

That's my afternoon's exercise gone out the window, but will get some in after I finish teaching this evening. It is a lovely day, so a pity I missed an opportunity to get out in the garden.
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    My e mail box junk folder is filled with a 100 or so scam offers a day. Each of them offers what seems like a great money making opportunity, but the old adage holds that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I don't even read the junk mail any more. I just scroll down to see if anyone I know has gotten in there by mistake and then delete them all unread. They mostly want you to either send them money from your account and then you are left hanging for the money, or they want your information so they can hack your accounts and get your bank or card info. IMHO if you don't recognize the party emailing don't even open it. Sorry you and your friend had to go thru this emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team

    1871 days ago
    It's so sad that things like that happen all the time. You have to be very careful with what you get involved in. I have been looking for a house to rent here in CA and have come across so many that are fraud and it sucks. I send an email about a property and get this long email back about how they are in Africa on Missionary work and are renting cheap to someone that will take care of the place for them. They want all your personal information and then they will send you the keys after you have passed and paid I think. I'm glad that I realized it the first time I ever saw that because I could have lost quite a bit had I fallen for it. Well we all live and learn and I hope that your friend didn't get into any trouble for that as I have seen that happen too.
    1871 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1871 days ago
    I had a scam attempt a couple of years ago where a person supposedly in London telling me that they were a friend who had been mugged and robbed while trying to get to the airport.They wanted me to send them cash to get back to the US. But the person they were impersonating was the son of the local police chief. I kept the jerk on line and we traced the call to a pub ..and then called the locals...I doubt they got what they deserved. Hate people who do things like this. They have no integrity at all.
    glad you stopped it. Keep Sparkin'!!!
    1871 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I am so sorry this happened.

    Sometimes the crooks give you a check, you deposit it,
    give them money in exchange then their check bounces and
    you are out and owe the bank.

    It's a shame there are people like that.

    I had internet fraud myself, but still use it to conduct my
    usual monthly transactions and ebay
    1871 days ago
    ugh , that's why I avoid as much as I can internet transactions even if most companies insist of how wonderful is to receive electronic bills and make internet payments. I don't want to. I live in a hacker's land and I don't trust their security and don't want to put my personal info everywhere.maybe I'm paranoid but this way I'm not very worried if my mail address is hacked or I get a virus. my life is pretty " interesting " lately too, but nothing too bad emoticon
    1872 days ago
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