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SPOILERS!!! For Iron Man 3! Read at your own risk!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

So, obviously, I loved the movie. It was a laugh a lot of the time, but very sentimental. Loved the Mandarin reveal (contrary to most of my teammates). LOVED IT!

Think Jon Favreau did a better job at balancing the action with the schmoop (this was a little too much of the latter and too little of the former for me, especially since the movie was so obviously split into two discrete parts), and his comedic timing was a little less intrusive and more naturally going with the flow (felt like some of the laugh situations were rather... forced. No, the giant bunny thing wasn't one. It has been previously established that Tony Stark is reaaaally bad at choosing/giving gifts).

However... the final fight. I cheered and whistled and clapped with the rest of the audience when all 42 suits showed up (who else here thinks that the whole 42 thing was a rather clever, intentional meta joke?). I was captivated by the action, and didn't even get too nauseous while trying to compensate for 3D (IDK, post-filmed 3D conversion just doesn't work with my myopic vision/contacts. I always get thrown out of the shoebox effect and get two distinct "tracks"). Still.

Tony basically commanded poor JARVIS to commit multiple suicides. I love JARVIS. He clearly inhabited/worked in all those suits. They were humanized earlier through the movie. I couldn't join the cheering at this point, it felt like such a waste to me. Yes, I know, the whole "personal growth and journey, acceptance, blah blah blah" thing. STILL.

Lock them up in the armory, give the key to Pepper, and spare JARVIS the trauma.

This was the only sequence I actively disliked, and overall, I think it's a good ending to the Iron Man trilogy. I cried a few tears of joy when we were promised that "Tony Stark will be back" at the end of the credits, and the whole Bruce scene? "Not that kind of doctor." LOL.

I feel a little like the whole structure of the movie was off- I'll have to rewatch it again to really put my finger on it, but it just hurtled through some points of the set-up, then spent a lot of time on others. If only overcoming PTSD/Complex PTSD were as easy as breathing through a cute kid's instructions- I felt a little cheated out of a more convincing story in this point.

The visuals were stunning, as always, and I loved how the Extremis soldiers came to life. And DUM-E. I wasn't the only one sniffling, because DUM-E.

My favorite stunt? Monkey Chain. Especially the final reveal. WOOHOO!

Maybe I'll have a more comprehensive/understandable review for you after watching it again, or after discussing it with you in the comments? For now, though I loved this movie, it leaves me a little... dissatisfied/irked at something I can't pinpoint. Which is nagging at me because Iron Man has always been my favorite superhero since I was a little kid.

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