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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This week’s weigh in went much better. I lost 2.6 lbs. I had such a good week last week. I stayed in my pp every day, even on the weekend! I mentioned starting a squat challenge. I added planks to that challenge, and all I can say is, WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I started with 30 second plank, and by day 30 I will hold it for 3 minutes. I am not really sure I can do it or not but I am going to try.

The squat challenge I am doing.

Last week I discovered a new recipe from Pinterest, of course. The Chunky Monkey. It is sooo good! You use one banana, a cup of low fat chocolate milk, and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Blending it with some ice, it makes a really good and healthy "milk shake".

I made this for everyone that was over last week for ceramics at my moms, and it got mixed reviews. But those who weren't big fans of bananas didn't really like it. So you have to like bananas to enjoy this.

Another exciting thing I celebrated this past week was getting into a shirt that was at one point to tight on me!!!! I saw it hanging in my closet and decided to see how it fit and I was so excited to see there was more room around my stomach than the last time I tried it on! I wore it that day and felt really confident all day! I actually had the same experience yesterday but as the day went on, when I saw myself in the mirror I wasn't as happy with what I saw. But The shirt I wore yesterday did fit me better than before.

This shirt used to be too tight in my stomach for me to wear. Now there is a little extra room. I have had 3 or 4 people mention to me this week that it looks like I'm slimming down. It's hard to tell if they are just saying it to be nice since they know I am trying so hard or if it is sincere. I am waiting for someone who doesn't know about all of my hard work to say something. I think I will cry when that happens!

I love this shirt but where it sits at the bottom is kind of iffy for me. But it is so comfy! This is the one I kept looking in the mirror at the whole day worrying it wasn't so good. It might stay in my closet a little longer.

At weight watchers this week we talked about anchors. They asked us what is something we use as an anchor for our diet. What keeps us motivated. They gave suggestions about a picture of yourself where you are unhappy with yourself, or an article of clothes you want to fit in, or a picture of your child and so on. Well I knew immediately what my anchor should be. A picture of myself. I have very few pictures of myself taken recently and the reason obviously is I am not happy at all with how I look. I avoid a camera at all cost. I do, however, have this one picture in particular that is just OMG horrible. I see it and I feel sick. It was taken on the day of our Christmas party at work, not last year but the year before.

I am printing this picture out and hanging it on my mirror in my room, at my desk and keeping a copy of it in my purse. This isn't to make myself upset or depressed. It is to show myself that 1. I have made progress. 2. I have EVERY reason to stick with this lifestyle change.

Another picture taken of me when I really didn't want it was at a meeting we had for Thirty-One. I'm sitting with a long time friend of mine, Katie, and Ashleigh who I worked with years ago. I saw this on facebook and was so embarrassed!! And of course Ashleigh and Katie are both tiny! lol

Ashleigh is to my right and Katie is on the left.

So when I want to quit, or when I want to skip a work out I need to look at these pictures and really think about why I am doing this. I also need to think about the reasons I am so unhappy at this weight and know that if I just keep pushing I will become the person I want to be!

Last night I went to walk at a local park that has a path that is a little over a mile long. I have been walking here after work on the days I don't go out at lunch to walk. I normally just do one lap and yesterday my foot was bothering me a bit before I started so I didn't even think about doing a second lap, until I finished the first one and realized I was feeling great and pain free. The weather was perfect and there were tons of people other. There are tons of soccer fields there full of teens and up playing. So I decided to keep walking and make it a 2 and half mile walk. On my first lap, on the last part, I had noticed a group of men playing a game of soccer skins vs. shirts, if that isn't motivation enough to get you to the end to see them I don't know what is haha! I also saw a young guy sitting down with a shirt with a very cool message on the back. And being the crazy person I am, I took a picture of it.

Such a simple idea. Just make the effort. Well that is exactly what I am doing. I am making the effort to become the person I have longed to be. (And btw I took this pic with my phone and was not obvious at all lol). Tonight is rest day for the challenge. I plan on going grocery shopping when I get off work and cooking a recipe I have made once before. Fiesta chicken. It's chicken breast, black beans, corn, rotel, and some other things. It was really good the last time so I hope it is just as good this round. I plan on adding more veggies to it also.
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