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April Wrap-Down

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I was going to call it a wrap up but how predictable is that? End of my first month back. One of my worst character flaws is fear of commitment. It has a lot of side effects/related defects like procrastination and avoidance, but its all fear anyhow. Fear that I will fail. Avoid setting goals out of fear I wont make them. Iv joined the 'clubs' on SP like BLC and then dont participate. WTF? Im afraid I cant keep up, that its too much commitment. Its like almost as soon as I join something, or say Im going to do something Im trying to get out of it. Its terrible on SP because I have no real accountability. If I make plans with a friend, by gosh I can regret it all I want, Iv been taught you dont back out on people. I will be accountable to a friend. I haven't been making many plans with friends lately. Like at all. Problem solved. I had a friend I was walking and hiking with last Spring, but now that she pregnant with a toddler, shes not really able to go. Kind of gets me off the hook! But where does that leave me, really? Yeah, um, still out of shape-hows that working for you D? I really should find someone to exercise with who will hold me accountable, but-well, maybe some other time. See? Avoidance! Procrastination! Ugh!

Anyhow, April done, got pretty close to that 1000 min mark. Im not going to put in print that I want to make that my goal, because remarkably I will find a way to make it not happen, but its there in my heart-I want it. I also want to lose 5 pounds in May, now Im not saying thats my goal mind you. Just throwing it out there. Which brings me to another sore point-we are going to the beach end of May. I LOVE the ocean. I haven't been to the ocean in 3 years. I am DREADing having to purchase a new swimsuit almost as much as Im dreading wearing it in public. No, recant- the purchasing will be more painful. The trying on (think Cathy cartoons) The expense. If I knew I looked good the cost would be easier to take. Since Im not skinny I cant get just any ol thing off the rack and expect it to look decent, Im going to have to go Lands End or something. Oh the horror! I haven't bought a new swimsuit in 5 years, since I was skinny(er) the last time. As I heard Joyce Myer share years ago, its the dread that makes it painful, not the actual event. So, I will go back to the old prayer I used when I first hear her say that, "Lord, please help me to not dread." Worked ten years ago on a totally different issue, no reason it wont work still!

Also, just in general, plans to keep up with C25K, keep at Ripped in 30 and keep going to my Zumba on Sundays. But no goals-frankly I think I might be allergic.
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    I still have aspects of my life like this. Homemaking, mostly. I did clean up under the couch today.
    1843 days ago
    Have you tried breaking your goals into small pieces and just focus on that for the day? It may look like you are not motivated but have you tried saying I will walk 10 minutes 3 times a day and then schedule that time into your day like it was an appointment. I found that I do not always have 30-60 minutes in a block of time every day but I can find 10 minutes here or there and I know if i have an appointment that I do not let anything that is not very important take over that time slot.
    I work full time so I would not be able to commit to walking with you every day. If you need someone to help you stay motivated I can do that
    1845 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Good luck with the swimsuit shopping! I always get my suits through Lands End now, they have a lot of really cute stuff - halter top, shorts bottoms, pretty flattering. Hang in there!
    1845 days ago
    I work in Tempe and live in Scottsdale. I walk at Tempe Town Lake all the time, if you ever want a walking partner let me know.

    It is funny, I was looking through my drawers the other day and I noticed that I have a lot of bathing suits for someone that hates to wear them but now a days they make so many great suits, shorts and tops now for every figure. I think old navy has great stuff and so does Target and Walmart. I gave up on the bikini a long time ago, but swim shorts and a tankini top, and you are golden! You can do it.

    Goals are simply ways for everyone to have something to reach for. What is the worst thing if you said you wanted to do 1,000 fitness minutes and you only did 500? Nothing, because you still did something instead of nothing. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone is different. I personally set low goals, I know myself and setting them a little lower and last for me helps me to go above what I set. For example my over all fitness goal is to work out 30 minutes, 30 days a week. Some weeks I do just that, some weeks I do more and some weeks I do less. No big deal!! You are here, engaging and that is what is important. Slow and steady wins the race!!

    We are here for you!!
    1845 days ago
    Have a healthy May! I like Heftymomma1's message to you, totally agree!
    1845 days ago
    Good luck with May. Everyone is different at how they work at things...but maybe you can jot down ONE goal for the day or week and keep it to yourself...and go up from there? If goal setting isn't your thing just keep at the healthy choices! I hope you find balance and get where you want to be!
    1845 days ago
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