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Day 197

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The end of April brings the end of our re-focus month and the beginning of the next chapter of getting healthy. The month went out with a bang!

Got up this morning and made some healthy Oatmeal Belgian waffles with greek yogurt on top for breakfast. After yesterday's look of heartbreak, I did decide to go to school with our son and work all day as a WatchDOG. I made Tami's lunch since she had to work today, put together my snack bag and got ready to go. Dropped our daughter off at school on the way and then headed to school. At this point, I was still dreading the day. I think I am just burned out. It didn't take long though for the day to take a nice turn. Helping with student arrival brings lots of high fives and hugs and my heart melted and the good day began. Spent the first 45 minutes in the classroom with my class of lovelies, taking one at a time to have them read a story to me like usual... of course I got lots more hugs first, I really do love all my kids. Then it was out to the playground for an hour of fun and exercise. Lots of kick balls came out with the first set of kids. One asked me to kick one, so i obliged. After it came down out of orbit and all the kids were in awe, I spent the rest of this hour kicking one ball after another high and long. After recess duty, got my 15 minute break to eat a banana and half an apple and refill my water bottle. Next it was off to the lunchroom to tackle all 6 lunch sessions. This brought the tense moment of the day. One of the resource personnel was out sick today, and nobody got called in to cover. So instead of 2 there was only one and myself. When things got out of hand with some things that teachers shouldn't have been doing, Paul had enough. Me and the principal had a nice... conversation.... her ears are probably still burning from it. Went back to the lunchroom and finished off lunches until it was time for my sons lunch. I sat with him and had school lunch... still no better than it was when I was a kid..... then finished up helping clean up and headed out to the playground for my sons lunch recess. 1:00 and back to the classroom for another 45 minutes of reading and having fun with the kids. Then back to the playground for an hour of recesses and more ball kicking... by the way, i'm not sure if my leg is still attached. guess I will find out when I get up to go to bed LOL... Finished out the day with my class for half an hour and headed home.

Came home to Tuesday afternoon chores and then relaxed a bit. Tami made a wonderful dinner of homemade chicken chimichangas, one of my favorite dishes now. The evening has been not doing much except the computer, baseball, hockey and getting my mind set for the rededication tomorrow morning. I am so glad I went to school today, I really do enjoy it for the most part. Talk to ya'll tomorrow!
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