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Tuesday, 4/30 A Pain in the Back

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hi all,

If you don't know what a spasm is, I am thrilled for you--I went swimming during lap swim tonight and am paying for it again. The hours at the fitness center are better for lap swim--5-6 and 3 days a week beyond that (if it isn't the days kids' swimming lessons aren't being held at 6) than for the open swim time that starts at 6:45. I prefer exercising in the pool to lap swimming these days because since my shoulder went wonky and I had my hip replaced. swimming is painful. Anyway, I felt my shoulder pop several times and my neck also pop once while I was swimming. I noticed that it takes me a great deal more time to swim less distance as well--I am so slow next to those folks in the "fast lane." Anyway, I'm suffering right now with spasms in my shoulder and lower back. Ouch!

I had an MRI of my neck and of my shoulder with dye last Thursday after school. That is a lot of lying down flat and was the cause of a lot of pain. Thank heavens I had physical therapy on Friday because the heat treatment in my shoulder and the one my PT added for my lower back gave me back my weekend. I will get the report from my neck surgeon on Thursday of this week and then, we should know what I need to get some relief.

I had a strange situation with a colleague last Friday that is still bothering me. She took something I said and twisted it into something I didn't say and ran out of my room, totally upset. I tried to talk to her and finally I yelled that making me run and chase her was mean and cruel--so she stopped. She again misrepresented what I said (there were two witnesses) and is now spreading gossip around that I said this mean thing to her about her and other people. She sent me a bizarre email that I responded to and sent a copy to the other person she included her email to as well. I am wondering if she is having an anxiety or bipolar or depression thing--or maybe a hormonal or menopausal moment. Something is crazy wrong with what she said, and what she continues to say, and I think I may need to go above her head very soon to make it stop. Geesh, I didn't like junior high when I was an adolescent--I sure don't like it now. I guess I'll give her a day or two to knock it off before I act on it.

I just had a predicted argument with Marissa--she didn't want her graduation party at the park like we have done for her 6 older siblings. I asked her to plan something different by the first of May and she didn't do that, so I had her father reserve one of the pavilions at the park. Marissa often objects to family plans and activities verbally, but enjoys them as much as anyone else--so we assumed that what was once again taking place. I let her know that we did it and she went to bed without her usually friendly "good-night" after fussing at me for about ten minutes. She will get over it and we were able to get a good place on the first of June like we wanted. She says she won't come and I told her that that was okay. emoticon

Tomorrow is our first staff meeting in months--I don't like these, but with the end of the year festivities upon us, it is important. I have physical therapy after work--we talked about canceling it until the MRI results were in, but I nixed that because strengthening is important no matter what. It will make for another long day--I had a workshop today that lasted until 4:45 followed by a meeting with a teacher that lasted 15 more minutes. That is why I wanted to go to the pool on the way home, so that I could get home earlier than usual and rest a bit. Unfortunately, I aggravated things and am paying for that. I have had a hard time getting to my team sparking because of the late hours I am spending at the fitness center. Oh my!

Our weather has been awesome since Saturday afternoon. I spent Sunday afternoon outside until the middle of the evening and we grilled outdoors. It was wonderful and helped me to think about how much I love summer. There is more to come, yay!!! We are supposed to get rain for the rest of the week--which could bring the rivers back up again--but maybe, those predictions or forecasts or whatever they are called are just wrong. I'll try and share a couple of photos at how it looked around here about a half a week ago...

Have a great Wednesday--and I hope that your month of May gets off to a great start!!
Gentle hugs,

This is the north side of the Rock River, a primary tributary to the Mississippi River in Moline, IL that crested about four days prior to the picture and kept rising.

You can see how much the water rose in the less than an hour period while Marissa and I were shopping at a little craft and yarn store last Sunday afternoon--and it was not raining then! I am so sorry for all of those who have had to deal with floodwaters in their homes. They have been in my prayers.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you feel better soon.

    And that Marissa likes her party.

    Those flood up your way are terrible.
    1847 days ago
    I'm so sorry your neck and shoulder has been bothering you! I hope your dr will be able to give you some relief soon, whether by medication or surgery! I know OA doesn't go away, so all these stories I'm hearing and reading about lets me know of what's in the future for me! But so far it isn't as painful as yours has been! I wish there was a cure for OA and RA! I've heard that water therapy really does help, though!

    Maybe with a few days of letting it rest, your colleague may come to her senses and realize she's over dramatized and blown a situation totally out of proportion. But if she's trying to destroy your reputation, you may not have a choice, but to act on it and go over her head to get it resolved or at least stopped!!! I wish you luck and wisdom in handling this hard situation!

    Have a GREAT day!!! Enjoy your sunshine and I hope you have no more rain like the one you posted pictures of!!!
    1847 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough week physically and dealing with your colleague :( I have had the misfortune of someone twisting my words and actions into something they weren't so I know exactly how you are feeling.
    I hope she comes to her senses, but if she doesn't do stick up for yourself as no one else will.
    I am so busy these days. I spoke to the President of the club that they need to have a fully working assistant for me and I get even more work dumped in my lap!! My elbow is still giving me lots of grief and the fact its my right is making it all the more difficult coping with daily living tasks never mind all that goes into my position. Even being on the computer is a trial! So I have been trying to get by with the minimum, always tracking food & fitness and getting around to my friend's blogs, but it is slow and I am usually up past midnight not helping my sleep any. I do have four days off (the calm before the storm next week), and I will go to my Mom's, which means slow as molasses internet, very frustrating so I might not be on much. If the weather gets to normal I will be going outside to finally enough some warmth.
    Sylvia, how on earth could you get an MRI with an artificial hip?? I thought metal parts couldn't be in there!! I sure hope it reveals some useful information for you.
    The southern part of my province is in danger of flooding and my sister's roads up north might be washed out, but because of our very cold weather and very slow melt, we dodged a bullet here in the central part, but run off from other communities could still give us a high river.
    Hope you have a better rest of the week and can enjoy your weekend..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1848 days ago
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