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Losing Motivation to Exercise

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So, I'm pretty good about doing exercise videos in the winter but I'm tired of that and winter.
To make up for that, I started running up and down the stairs. That has lost its' charm, too.

Now, for the last few days, when it was nice out, I've been walking with my husband and daughter. I don't know if I burn as many calories but we do go up the steepest hills we can find and walk as fast as we can. Unfortunately, it's freezing out so I'm back inside.

We're planning to start biking, soon, too.

Anyway, can anyone recommend good indoor excercise that doesn't bore you out of your mind? DVDs and videos aren't interesting for very long and I'll still have to do indoor exercising some days no matter what season it is.

I've been kind of looking for a good simple zumba video or something with some good rock or dance music, too. I'm not very coordinated, either, so it can't be anything too complicated. emoticon

Thanks for your help!

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    I know I'm a bit late here but if you ever fancy a tougher workout that'll really push you I suggest you look at bodyrock.tv / dailyhiit.com. The same owners but bodyrock has a 30 day may challenge with new workouts including yoga daily. It's a year old but a fun thing to do (only takes 12-20 minutes) and you can see if you've improved much! It'll make you sweat and incorporate cardio and strength!
    1863 days ago
    I get exercise by walking with a friend who also wants to walk for the exercise. That way we both walk at a good clip, and it's much more fun when you have someone to talk to--it's almost like you're not exercising--can be great therapy,too! I agree that exercising indoors and alone can be dull. But with someone else--it is so much more fun.
    1877 days ago
    I bought Zumba but it is pricey. I love it though and it is worth it! I am the most uncoordinated person you have ever seen but it is fun and I am alone, so I don't care! I was thinking about purchasing Richard Simmons for a change of pace, and others have mentioned that here. I also like the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD (with Bob Harper). Oh, it is yoga all right, but you will sweat and burn in that one! Wii is fun too. I also like Coach Nicole's Total Body Sculpting DVD....has some fresh stuff on there.
    1880 days ago
    I use my wii. I don't like dvds too much but the wii is fun because you get feedback from it.

    I started out doing eaactive. It says nice things to you when you are doing well and so that is really motivational.

    But my favorite is my zumba game. You don't have to be coordinated. No one is watching and even in the live zumba classes there are plenty of people there who are just having a great time moving to the music. With the zumba wii game you get stars.

    If you don't already have a wii you could get one for a good price used at a game store ... in my area the store to go to is GameStop - might be a different 'used' game place in your area. emoticon
    1880 days ago
    If you don't have to follow anyone, just play the music and dance or exercise your little heart out or booty off....

    And I like wii sports and wii fit plus...yes, after a while you need more..but it's good variation....(it does sooo little tho for upward stretches..)

    There's a book, that has a nasty awful horrible diet in it.(my bro tried it)..but lightweight cool exercises ...Stillman's 14 day shape up program.....(the toe rise with arms raised over head are great before and after workout, reducing soreness from anaerobic reactions -helps lung expansion too.

    I miss riding real bike so big....not like these urban semi pro look yuppie dinks but like a kid that loves riding bike...wind in your hair, testin curves and angles and speed....:) full extension leg at maxed angle for abs....
    1881 days ago
    Its funny that BECKYSFRIEND recommended Richard Simmons. I just bought the VHS tape at a tag sale (that's how old it is.... VHS!! what's that? Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet but who knows where you can still buy that these days.
    I definitely prefer to walk outside when the weather allows but I do like Coach Nicole's spark people 28 day bootcamp DVD. There are a lot of options on there for workouts and I don't really find them boring. You have probably checked out her DVD's on the website but I think a lot of those are pretty good also. Have you ever tried Hula-hooping? It's a cheap activity but challenging but is definitely a good workout! A lot of other members say they love Zumba. I never did a formal class but that seems like a lot of fun too. Hopefully someone can give you some good ideas for some DVD's or something.
    I hope your weather improves soon. emoticon
    1881 days ago
    Sweatin' To the Oldies-Richard Simmons is never boring! emoticon
    1881 days ago
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