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Junk food, the next horror show

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So I have been doing some research on the food that we eat.
I have figured out a few things.

1) The fast food, and processed food companies are making a killing on killing us. They start pushing their addictive food stuff on us when we are young. They are adding sugar and chemicals into almost everything we eat. Breakfast cereal, harmless, right? Oh noooo look at the label, even some spaghetti sauce has sugar listed as one of the top 5 ingredients.

2) Diet soda should be called death in a can, but, then no one would buy it. It can make you gain weight, given you headaches and some research suggest it can even help cause MS.

3) Our children are suffering from this fast food lifestyle. I have myself seen this. I have seen young children weighing 100 #, when they should be in the 30-35 wt range. And I don't think the parents are all to blame. If your child sees other children eating the crap and then sees thin, happy, laughing children on tv eating it, they want it. Some parents are not well educated in nutrition. I was not and my mother was not. I would not be surprised if some of the ADHD is not diet related, but, I am not sure, I have not researched that (yet).

4)After we get unhealthy because of the junk we eat, the drug companies are always there to help out. How many of us are on blood pressure medication, diabetic mediation and arthritis medication. I know that a lot of this is heredity, but some is lifestyle.

5) It appears less expensive to buy the junk then the good stuff. At McDonalds you can get a double hamburger for less then a banana. Something is wrong here.

Ok off soap box now....Hope I didn't step on any toes. I am just very afraid for myself (since I was a junk food junkie) and for our children. Especially for the children, they deserve so much more.

Peace emoticon
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    I don't think I am upset with the fast food or processed food companies, I am more upset with myself for being taken in and being lazy. Yes, I was lazy and was not well informed.

    The companies are just trying to make a profit. I know it is vampire like, but, it is what it is and at the end of the day the fact remains that no one put a gun to my head and yelled eat.

    Peace emoticon
    1814 days ago
    Yeah. It's best to buy the purest foods available, then prepare your own. However, even Michael Pollen admits to eating a McDonald's cheeseburger once per month. I tend to go for the grilled chicken snack wraps, which I tend to think of as a little bit healthier. I've found it's good to shoot for certain goals, but none of us are perfect. We've got to ease up, then forgive ourselves for our transgressions. Glenn
    1815 days ago
    It sounds like this information makes you as angry as it made me when I first learned it. And then, to add insult to injury, I had to get "unaddicted"! Crap, that was quite the challenge!!! Oh yes, and THEN we have to make ourselves MOVE, b/c we're not used to moving anymore...we're used to all those "labour saving devices" in our homes/lives like dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and even a CAR!

    Yep, if only they would publish this stuff on the front page of every newspaper every day until it sinks in that big business is killing us and we need to take our lives back.

    Ok, I'll get off my soap box now too.

    1815 days ago
    I fully agree with you! emoticon
    1815 days ago
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