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Opinions NEEDED - regarding LIPITOR

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So I hate doctors and I hate pills..and my body has always been "NOT SO HAPPY" with pills.

Since my crazy surgeries last year I have been getting my blood tested by the doctor every 3 months. He just called today and because my numbers are high still he wants to put me on a statin called LIPITOR!

UGGGG...I hate pills. I told him I didn't want to go on them. I don't like pills. He said he can't make me....but that he recommends me to do that so that I can live long.

I have read up on Lipitor and the scary icky BAD effects of it.

Wondering what any of you have to say. All opinions welcome....because ultimately I DECIDE for myself to work on EATING better...or going on PILLS.


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    Steph, see if your doctor will work with you on keeping it down via diet and exercise. Ask him if you could be retested in 3 months and do some of the things Sharmilla in addition to your fasting regimen. I wouldn't close the door on the meds but I would research and ask him to partner with you on it. Just let him you understand the gravity of the decision and are taking it seriously.

    I'll pray for wisdom and clarity for you Steph!
    1881 days ago
    Steph - I think I doing some research on what else could be done first might be a good idea. I have mixed feeling on this one. My father takes it with no side effects of any kind. However, my MIL took it for about a month and was in so much joint pain she could not walk. so.... every case is different. I would think being as young as you are maybe another more natural route would be better. I guess it depends on how high your levels are and how fast you NEED to get them down.

    1881 days ago
    Hi, cholesterol runs in my Dad's family and I have it too. My dr wanted me to go Lipitor a few years ago and I refused because I can't take vitamins on a regular basis much less a med that will make me feel like crap with side effects. That's when I started walking and dieting and changing eating by cutting eggs yolks , cheese, and eating any and all the foods I read up on that will lower cholesterol..Cheerios, almonds, oatmeal, apples, flax seeds, beans, Metamucil, etc even researched Niacin and bought flush free niacin and took it without the dr knowing ...I lowered it from almost 400 to 280 in about 3 months and then stopped the niacin and continued with exercise and diet and I'm maintaining at close to normal ranges because I didn't want to be on any meds. My Dad is on Lipitor and I know a few other people on it too and once you're on those meds you have to stay on them. That's why I chose exercise and diet. Good luck with your decision.
    1881 days ago
    I take Zocor (generic Simvinstantin) and like it a lot better than Lipitor. Just my personal opinion.
    1881 days ago
    Ask your doc about other statin meds that are not so controversial or hard on your body. I've had pretty good results with Pravastatin which my kidney dr. recommended for me because of my renal issue and also, to counteract the muscle cramping and pain associated with some statins.

    Perhaps your dr. would be willing for YOU to take control and strive to get your levels in an acceptable range with diet and exercise. I know it's been known to help in many cases and just might do the trick, thereby avoiding those darned PILLS!!!

    You know I'm in your corner, no matter what you decide to do...

    Big Hugs!!!
    1881 days ago
    I am trying out niacin first so far it has been working you just have to get flush free
    ask you Dr what he thinks of taking Niacin.
    1881 days ago
    Please remember that this is just my opinion Steph! My hubby is on meds for his cholesterol but mainly for his triglycerides. His most recent bloodwork came back and his levels were almost back to the normal levels that they should be. Please note that his beginning levels were in the 800-1000 range. Not good at all!!! I firmly believe that it was in part because of the meds but also because he's been really working on his diet (low fat, low carbs, and high protein). Oh yeah....prayers were the biggest part. He hates to have to rely on meds to do anything for him but he knew that if he didn't, it might cost him more than he was willing to give.

    Steph - I am praying that whatever decision you make, is the one that is the best for you and your family. Only God can give you that answer and He most surely will. emoticon and prayers for divine wisdom!!!
    1881 days ago
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