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Reviewing April

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm still here! I didn't really doubt it, it was just hard to look forward with all the hills to climb in April.

I'm still nursing the tot, but I think it's less on average. He went 8 hours between feeding on Sunday. I'm tweaking down the calories I allow for nursing, and the boat isn't rocking too bad, if sodium is in check. In the "you never stop learning" file, just today noticed that mini wheats contain 0 sodium? I'd always stopped at the top number, calories, and avoided them, bemoaning that my Total and Special K don't help my sodium level. I've been hearing, especially from bodybuilding, not to restrict sodium and I have to wonder what they mean. 0 sodium for the day is bad, but unrestricted... Could be bad depending. Ideally for me my sodium mg is a similar number to my calories. Sodium is necessary, true, but not more so than potassium which most folks don't get enough of.

Now that my husband is done with school, the kids have multiple fires to put out. We need to finish the year strong, though. For my junior, these will pretty much be the grades they apply to college with. Good news, they rocked the ACT, bad news they did it with an average math score. So we need to decide when to try again, whether they'll be sharper in June or more refreshed in September. There's my old quandary of how to apply the benefits of planting crops by rows to education. (We take planting crops by row for granted, but it is a counter intuitive thing to plant fewer seeds over more space, if you think about it.)

I'm planning on this 36 mile cycle event mid month. Still working the pull-up, making progress but not doing a lot else focused strength wise. I am going to try the spark solution when it comes out. So that will be a sort of challenge for myself.
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