One of THOSE days sigh...:-(

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Most of time I do good sticking with my goals in fitness and some goals in creativity.

Not quite sure why Tinnuitus Rinnginng in the EARS are LOUD today. Not to mention balance way off too. Usually I stay in to read and took longer sistea today. ( people have mentioned BAD allegriess season-- hanging in there) emoticon

A BIG THANK YOU to Ocean mist who gave me some articles on tinnutiuss And reminders too hang in there...... emoticon emoticon

sometimes I do some light activity drawing writing etc. Play my music sometimes helps and plan a activity I'm looking forward too helps. emoticon emoticon

I m ok most of time ( mild to modrate ranges) but today is inceridly difficult to block it out ( ringing vertigo dizziness etc - triple whammy) somewhat frustrating shed some tears too. Sigh.... seems like forever sometimes.

What does people do when they go through health challenges-- do they have frustrating days too??? Hating to giving up a favorite activity they were hoping to do? Any suggestions would be appreciated emoticon emoticon
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    Hi Dolly,
    Just now catching up in your blogs.. How is the tinnitus today (months later!)?

    Usually when I have it, it's combination of poor eating of allergies. Spring and fall worse times. I also need to vacuum this winter to remove some of the dust and crud in house. I should be better at writing everything I eat, to determine what might trigger tinnitus.

    Some of the friends I knew with MS also had tinnitus issues. Maybe due to circulation issues as well. I have also had friends with meniere's syndrome (not sure about spelling, sorry.). It's a progressive hearing loss that is signaled in phases by ever increasing rounds of tinnitus (tinnitus, hearing loss, more tinnitus, more hearing loss, and so on.).

    Also some medications can cause hearing loss.

    The Hearing Loss Association of America www dot hearingloss dot org has info and links to groups that provide supports for tinnitus.

    Hope this helps!!

    1946 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2179 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your straggle. I too feeling very tired as I feel soreness in my throat. My DH was sick all last week due to having cold. I hope he hasn't pass me of his nasty cold. Just resting today. You too, rest as much you can when time like this. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2179 days ago
    Sometimes resting is all you can do. I'm fortunate to be mostly healthy. When I broke my ankle 3-1/2 years ago I was forced to rest, and I hated it. I'm used to being active.
    2179 days ago
    Dear Dolly,

    I'm sorry you are suffering. It stinks.

    I get really frustrated when my health gets in my way, too. This thyroid issue has been really disturbing to me. I try to practice compassion toward my body. I try to give my body the rest or nurturing it needs. For me, its okay to be frustrated. Its not okay to give myself a hard time about it, though. Illness is a type of suffering. How would you treat your best friend if she were suffering like you are? I ask myself that question a lot.

    I hope you feel better soon. I'll be keeping you in mind.

    emoticon Janet
    2179 days ago
    2179 days ago
    Wishing you a better day - wish I had an answer for you! Hang in there.
    2179 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Yes, I have a few health issues also. I just try to do as much as I can. With doing that, I celebrate that I am still pushing!!
    2180 days ago
    For me, if the problem is medical, I call my doctor to take care of it, like tomorrow. I have had this mild to moderate migraine for 4 days so I am going in to see her.

    If it is emotional, I do some of what you do - music, movies, reading, writing, spent time with family or friends.

    I am sorry about your struggles. Have you had this before because of your hearing deficit or something new? I hope you feel better tomorrow. emoticon emoticon
    Love, Chelsea
    2180 days ago
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