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When You Have to Entertain Yourself

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When I find myself alone for a few days, I try to think of things that will entertain me, and maybe become useful later on too. I'm speaking of browsing the Net or other places, looking for photos or drawings that entertain me. If it makes me laugh or smile, maybe you'll react the same way.

I always tend to indulge my worst habits when alone also. Why not? Who's going to tell me I should shake my bootie? Not my pets, well, maybe my dog -- but it's all in a series of "woof" and "growl" so I can interpret it any way I want. I did get up at 6:20 again this morning to feel the real masters of the house, but I don't mind -- I'm one of those people who can fall asleep again at the drop of my head on the pillow.

So you are probably wondering what sort of wonderful finds I came up with this time so here goes:

My hair had a mind of its own this morning, and I felt bad about it, until I realized no one would see it anyway. And when I came across this photo I knew I had found the ultimate "bad hair day." I pity these three, I really do!

I often come across cute pix of cats taking care of babies of another breed entirely, such as the rabbits in this one, or maybe baby chicks or ducks. I wonder what one of mine would do -- I doubt I could slip anything over or under them. Cute though.

The title on this one said "Cup of Cat" for use when a recipe calls for it. I haven't made any witches brew lately, so haven't run across a recipe calling for it. Certainly none that you will find with SparkPeople. Heaven forbid!

I know a person is never supposed to bring up religion or politics; but just in case you ever wondered about my opinion of our government -- this photo sums it up.

My weight right now is on one of those things called a "plateau" -- in other words I am eating every calorie I am expending, so it's a push -- same scale number each and every day! Even so there are days I feel "fat" and this photo reminds me of it.

Enough talk for this time, I'm sure you're getting tired of my sarcastic sense of humor and, frankly, I'm running out of photos.

Keep smiling! It's a lot better than crying, and it'll make people wonder what you've been up to. Y'all come back again now, ya hear?
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