Off To A Good Start (I Think)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Well, yesterday wasn't the magical, inspirational get-back-on-track day that I wanted, but I think I did better than I usually do!

I forced myself to get up and go to the grocery store and I spent my last few dollars on groceries for the rest of the week, so no more eating out! The plan was to get up early before work today and cook my super delicious, super low calorie veggie beef stew, but taking in the outrageously dirty kitchen was a huge buzz kill. I did manage to clean half of it, though (the half not containing all the dirty dishes, of course - because I've been eating out the past two weeks, I know none of those are mine!). I also dusted my room and piled everything onto my bed so I cannot go back to sleep and must get the room cleaning done before I go to bed tonight. Good progress for me, I think.

Even though I didn't stay in range yesterday, I kept it a bit under maintenance at 1710 calories. I'm just proud of myself for keeping track, even if it was on a post-it note on my desk rather than in the tracker on this website. The only good thing about going back to work today is that there is like, zero room to eat, let alone have the mental capacity to idly crave foods and torture myself. I am also proud that I haven't indulged in any of the 12 big-as-your-face cookies my parents brought home from the casino last night. And on that note - who the heck decides to come home from a casino with that many humongous cookies? I find that totally random. The point is I'm not going to eat any of them, though! I won't!

I also spent yesterday trying to align some future hobbies to get me motivated and back on track. I think a good chunk of my depressive, food-gorging funk is that I'm not really doing anything outside of working and watching Netflix in the dark when I get home. I've always been the type of person who feels best when I'm active and making progress on something, so that's exactly what I need to be doing! My best friend and I have decided to do a 2-man writing group where we meet up and edit/brainstorm about novel ideas. We've both wanted to be writers since, like, elementary school, and since the class she's taking at the local college isn't doing jack, we decided to help each other out like we did in junior high while writing about space pirates and whatnot. I'm super excited about it, and for the first time in several years I'm motivated to sit down and actually work on something. On top of that, I've been trying to convince another friend to start swimming with me at her neighborhood pool, and as of right now she is willing to commit to one day a week. Hey, it's better than nothing and I will take it! I think swimming is the perfect way to motivate myself back into the fitness game and to finally start making progress again on my weight goals. It's the only thing I can bear to do in this heat, you know?

Before I start getting ready for work, I plan to write down all my goals for the week on my dry erase board, everything from hobby accomplishments to diet/exercise goals to chores that need to get done. I'm going to try to wake up a few hours before work everyday and devote those hours to being productive, perhaps do a cleaning chore or errand on top of cooking something healthy and working on some writing. Then when I come home from work I will reward myself for a good day with a little bit of reading or Netflix. I've never been good with sticking to a set schedule (plus life never likes to operate in the organized format you set out for it), but I'm going to do my best. It's important that I get out of this funk and get back to making progress in all the areas I was doing so well in. I genuinely think that is what will get me out of this funk.

Well. There's nothing left but to go out and do it, right? So that's exactly what I'm going to do. First step is to start getting back on track with my good habits and to get my diet back under control. Hopefully this reignites my spark, and I'll be able to not only get back on track, but reevaluate my goals and start doing better than I ever have before! It's time to do this!
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    You can do it, Sissy. I have faith in you. emoticon
    1816 days ago
    Keep stepping forward! Every bit helps!
    1816 days ago
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