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Here We Go Again!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Well, after 9 months of doing pretty much NOTHING but gain weight, I'm finally back and hoping to get started again. I've been on the cusp of starting over for a while now. My workplace started an Eat Well Live Well challenge back in March and I was tracking my steps daily and trying to eat more veggies. I'd gotten back to walking on the treadmill (I'm a LONG way from being able to run again), but then I did something bad to my right foot and for the past three weeks I've been trying to let it get better, sticking to RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) and I think it's mostly better now. I tried walking on the treadmill a couple of times last week. The first time went fine. The second time it swelled up a lot again, but didn't really hurt all that much.

But I'm tired of letting injuries and ailments be an excuse. Just because my foot hurts doesn't mean I have to eat like a pig! It doesn't mean I can't do some strength training! If I do the treadmill tonight and my foot's hurting again tomorrow, then I can just do the exercise bike instead. I need to find solutions, not excuses.

So yesterday I signed up for a challenge I'm pretty excited about. I read last week about a website called DietBet that lets you put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. They have "games" that run for 28 days, each with a wager (usually $25-$50) and if you lose 4% of your starting weight during that time, you win a share of the pot. So, say 100 people play and the wager is $25. That means the pot is $2500 and it gets split evenly between all of the people who "win" by losing 4% of their weight. You aren't competing against other people, because losing the 4% or not is entirely up to you. But anyone who doesn't make the 4% loses their money and it gets divied up between the winners. Make sense?

Well, Hannah and Olivia from Biggest Loser Season 10 are sponsoring one of these games that starts today and I signed up. So now I need to lose 4% of my weight in 28 days or I'm out 25 bucks! That seems like great motivation to me! Plus they are going to do a drawing between all the winners and give someone a trip for two to the Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago!

I'm hoping that having some skin in the game will help motivate me to really stay on track through May. And if it works, I might sign up for more games in the future. All I know is I need to do something and at least this is something.

The plan for now is to get back into strength training, do as much cardio as my foot will allow, and start tracking my food again. Wish me luck!

PS: If you are interested in signing up for a DietBet game, please let me know. I get some credits or something if I refer friends.
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