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New Beginnings! FINALLY!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello fellow Sparkers!

Man, has a there been a LOT of change in my life recently! And guess what? For once, I can really say that it is pretty much ALL positive change! HOORAY! I don't even want to go in to the vast amount of "less than good" that went on since the last blog post I wrote in SEPTEMBER. Let me just say that I was sick with pneumonia and/or bronchitis for over four months, I was stressed out, over worked, and on the verge of a true breakdown.

Thankfully, God decided that I had paid my dues long enough, or knew that I was one shift away from having more than I could handle on my plate, and I was granted a wonderful nugget of hope. Two promising FULL TIME WITH BENEFITS job leads turned up just when I needed them to. The first one didn't work out, and I'm quite glad it didn't. If I had been offered that job, I wouldn't be in my NEW JOB that I am LOVVVVVIINNNNGGGGG!!!! (Just imagine me with the BIGGEST smile on my face right now!)

It almost seemed like fate - I had gotten some distressing news about a co-worker that was bound to have a serious impact on my work schedule. I was at the end of my rope and I came home in a panic and told my husband that I simply couldn't take it anymore, I had to quit. I bemoaned aloud "Why can't I just find a job in a library?! I just want to work in a library again!" seconds before I started searching all my usual job posting websites. And guess what?! There was a position open, in a library, and not just any library, the Michigan Tech library! Getting to work at the same school where hubs is a PhD student? What could be better? It is a union position, and I happened upon it, I kid you not, an hour and a half before open applications for external candidates were being accepted. I had a mini panic that I wouldn't get my application, cover letter, and resume together in time, but it was as if fate had prepared me for the task at hand once again. I had applied for a part time library position at Finlandia University (the smaller liberal arts college in the area) in January, and all I needed to do was tweek two sentences, and off the resume and cover letter went! Within a few days I had heard back and had an interview set up! And, well, I already gave away the punch line, haha.

So here I am, starting my second full week at work! I'm only working 40 hours a week for the first time in over a year and a half, I have benefits, AMAZING fringe benefits (including a new iPhone and paid phone bill, $150 in "TechFit" money that I can use towards gym memberships or fitness classes, rewards for my points on SparkPeople, and hey, carpooling with my husband and having lunch/dinner together regularly is quite the perk too!), great co-workers, CONTROL over the food I put in my mouth, and CONTROL over my exercise habits. YAY! HOORAY! RIGHT ON!

That said, I'm still adjusting to this new life. I have grown accustomed to being awake well past midnight most nights, and running on fumes. I just had my first real weekend in months, and I now can really FEEL how tired and beat up I really am. It will take a while to heal this used and abused body, but I know I'll get there!

Right now I'm still seeing a number on the scale that makes me cringe a bit (and by that I mean a LOT). Right now I'm noticing that my clothes are not fitting the way that I like, and things that used to be loose are getting tight again. It is sad that I have "backslid" during the past year and a half, but I'm glad I have been able to more or less maintain 20 pounds below my first starting weight. I may be starting fresh, but at least I'm not starting OVER. In the back of my mind I just couldn't handle the idea of getting back up to the 290s and 300. Now it's time to adjust, start again, and celebrate the successes and victories along the way!
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