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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wow, talk about being half asleep in the morning. I got up this morning. I was feeling a little fuzzy after a semi-bad workout last night. Well, the workout wasn’t bad exactly, but I had low energy going in and was hoping the pedaling would perk me up. So, I did the foothills program on the bike, with the setting on level 11. Basically it’s a series of 3 climbs and 3 descents. So, I did the first 2 climbs and when I got to the bottom of hill 2, I was debating sticking with it or bagging it, but figured I could stop anywhere along the way.

So, start climb 3 and the heart rate is starting to climb faster and sweat is rolling off and suddenly it hits me to just adjust the level when the RPM fall off to much. So I get basically to the top of the hill and am really struggling. Bump it down to level 9 until I get over the hump and start on the down slope. Then I bump it back to level 11 to finish off the ride.

So, I got my 65 minutes in and while I was feeling the effort and stretched out afterward with sweat running off me, I was glad I found a way to stick with it and not cut it off early. I go in to rest day with a clean conscience so to speak and hopefully will be back at it fresh and rested come Wednesday.

But then I stepped on the scale this morning. And yes, I am one of those people who weigh in almost every day. I don’t let a one or two pound uptick affect me all that much though and more just want to make sure nothing crazy is going on. I was down 3 pounds. Which I attribute to water since I was sweating so bad last night at the gym. Anyway, due to it being first thing this morning it didn’t hit me till about 3 hours later, I have crossed the 75 pounds lost mark and since I am sitting at 270, I am only 50 pounds from my goal weight! I won’t say I am in a state of shock, but it was a surprise. I am 60% of the way there basically.

So, with my football background, I have cruised down the line from being the weight of an offensive lineman in the pros, to being the size of a defensive end. Which means, I am no longer the biggest player on the field. I am in way better shape than I have been in a long time. I am probably eating way healthier than I have ever eaten before in my life. I am much more conscious of the food I put in than I have ever been. I try to make sure I am getting the recommended amounts of nutrients according to what Spark people recommend. I struggle going over on my sodium and not near enough potassium but with how much I sweat, the being over on sodium doesn’t concern me as much. The low potassium does concern me some and I think I may double the supplement I am taking.

I have to say the last time I tried to lose weight I was about 290 and it didn’t go well. Then again I was not tracking the food or exercising near as much or as intensely. I got to the 270 mark and it stopped. I am hoping with the intensity level up and the tracking this time I don’t run in to that again. If I do, I know I need to power through and keep on with it. What I am doing is working now and I don’t plan to change it unless I need to. But we shall see. All I really want at this point is to start walking more. And to finally get up the gumption to attend spinning class instead of using the recumbent so much. Not sure why I am so reluctant to start spinning. But for some reason I am a little intimidated. I need to think on that some.

Anyway, it sort of made me laugh that it took so long to dawn on me. Well, sorry to ramble today. Guess it is a rambling kind of day.
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    1845 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    That's great! I admire your willingness to ride a stationery bike. I have yet to develop the discipline to do that.

    I weigh myself everyday on the advice of a doctor years ago. It's kind of like the stock market: a big change from day-to-day is not determinative of success. My 30-day rolling average is.
    1845 days ago
  • TXTOAD9970
    Congrats on reaching your milestone! That's awesome!
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    1846 days ago
    Robin, welcome back and congrats on the added weight. That is AWESOME! The funny thing is the bike seat is why I want to spin. It keeps yeah, that part in shape for riding. I know I am working hard on my own which is probably part of it. but it will be a good test, plus on those days like yesterday it's harder to slack off in front of everyone so it will keep me more honest.
    1846 days ago
    Ramble or not...that's awesome! And way to stick with the work out when you weren't feeling it. I agree, stick with what's working unless it stops then tweek it! I'm so happy for you! I know what's intimidating about spin for me...those darn seats!!! But since you ride your bike, I'm sure you will be fine. I bet after you try it for the first time you will be hooked! Remember you had to develop the courage to change your life 75 pounds will develop the courage to do spin, as well!
    1846 days ago
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