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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On one of the teams for leaders there is an idea/suggestion forum where you can put your ideas for SP. I started a list a little while back. Thought I would share..

A. Can we please have at least 5 sticky topics visible. In the first forum on the team page 5 topics are visible and that's not too bad but all forums under that only 3 are visible and if you have 3 sticky topics all other topics go unseen because not many people really click on See More Topics on a daily basis.

B. Can we have maybe.. 7 topics visible in each forum without having to click on See More Topics?

C. Have the option to delete posts? (People and computers screw up at times.) :)

D. Have full editing options on goals? (again we all goof at times and would like to make changes.)

E. Have a better system to invite your spark friends to become members? (including multiple at a time and showing who is already a member)

F. Have a better system to give goodies? (giving multiple out at a time)

G. Almost forgot this one! Sticky post within a sticky topic! Please, Please, Please! :)
SUGGESTION BOX (sticky topic)
Here post your thousands of suggestions we know you have building up inside! (sticky post)

H. Ability to lock threads so then you don't have to worry about posting, "DO NOT REPLY!" Some people miss that part and post anyway, so it would be a help.

I. More editing options within post and blogs. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just ability to type bold face, center text, use italics, underline, that sort of thing.

J. Oh and I still think allowing images in posts WITH RESTRICTIONS would be really fun. It would be great for challenges. You can limit size and number of images per post. I know a lot of people do not agree, but this is just my opinion. I think doing challenges with images every now and then could be motivating and a lot of people are very uncomfortable with putting a blog out there so this would encourage their participation.
I don't know.. maybe for example..
Try one new recipe this week with all natural non-processed foods and show off your achievement by sharing your recipe and a picture of your dish!!


Make a vision collage of your fitness and health goals for this year and share it here!

That sort of thing. :)

K. This is something I've thought about off and on for awhile now.
If you've been on SparkPeople for a long time chances are you have a TON of friends. Problem is some of them may not have even logged in for over a year. I think it would be fantastic if there was a way that SP could have on each spark page a "last logged in on.." message somewhere. OR if like on spark teams where you go on and it says "Inactive Team" there could be a message like that. Some sort of way to help clean up your friends list from time to time? That would be a BIG help!

L. TEAM/CHALLENGE WITH WEEKLY ACTION STEPS Ability to have the challenges with action steps like the SparkPeople challenges have to help get new members settled in.

M. Ability to move posts to keep forums organized. This was a BIG help in a photography forum I was a moderator in. We were able to move member posts that should have been posted under certain topics. Really kept things organized and not such a jumbled mess. I'm begging, please give moderators/leaders more control options within the forums to help keep things organized including moving posts, locking threads, deleting posts, etc.

N. Ability to sort team members/friends alphabetically.

O. Message Preview would be awesome when sending messages to the team!

P. Have ability to search your blogs. If you are like me and blog a lot and then one day you may want to go back and find something you blogged about, you'll find it's impossible to find. If we could have a search bar to search our blogs that would be fabulous!!

Q. When choosing spark page color it would be GREAT if we could sample the background for it. If you're used to working with blogs, websites, or images you know what I'm talking about. You would click on choose background color then when you move your mouse over it would turn into a dropper and it would automatically choose the color you click on so you can match the center page with your background page. :)
Either that or allow you to enter a color number to match it manually.

R. I LIKE THIS! I would LOVE it if we could have an I LIKE THIS! button on message board posts like there is on statuses.

S.Have a NEW POSTS! button at the top of each forum that you can click to see any new posts within that forum. A lot of replies and posts go unseen.
Again, this was used in another forum and very useful, so I know it can be done. Please think about it!! :)

T. Here's a non-forum one..
I would LOVE an app for Smart TV's/Apple TV with all of the fitness videos available!! There's not enough room for me to do them well here where my computer is. It would be so convenient to have a SP app on my TV! emoticon

Pretty soon I'll have the whole alphabet! :D

emoticon So far nothing has come of any of them, but you never know!! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    1836 days ago
    Great ideas...sowa your brain hurt from al that exercise LOL.
    Hope they read these and make them happen. I hate having on 3 stickies because there are so many that are important. emoticon
    1848 days ago
    Sounds good
    1848 days ago
    I second all of these. And I like the nutrition tracker suggestion a lot too. I would add to that that I would really like more meal plan suggestions that are more tailored. There's so much processed food in sparkpeople's meal plans which I try to stay away from. Even a gluten free plan or vegan plan.

    Also some new spark goodies. That's probably really petty but I get bored with them!
    1848 days ago
    I also think sparkpeople needs to have a trophy for 1500 fitness minutes, and even 2000 minutes. I also think sparkpeople should allow minutes over 120 to count. For example, my 18k time was 127 minutes. Only 120 minutes counted. Seriously?! Trust me, I felt EVERY minute of that run! And I still have 20k, 22k and my half times to go. It'll be sad that they won't count.
    1848 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I do like your list. Could you add another and maybe pass it on to someone who could look at the idea? On the Nutrition Tracker favorites....have a way of removing multiple choices instead of one at a time. After a couple of years there are many duplicates and no longer used items in the category. Thanks.
    1848 days ago
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