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THE DREADED SCALE!!! I am happy till I step on it SO, I will not step there.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I had a streak of three days in bed by 10 am.
I am on a roll with my yard work. I think it is because I have just a few months to enjoy it living here in Maine.
Most of the time it is too cold for me to go out there without my layers.
I am always cold and poor DH is always hot . Yesterday I had on long sleeves-NO SWEAT and I was the one digging and hauling dirt.

DH took a little walk round the block he comes back soaked with sweat, he is trying to get back to a faster pace.
I am a fast walker.
I am still at exactly the same weight since day 1 of my one month challenge about to end on Wednesday and NEVER again will I attempt a weight loss challenge Any other kind of challenge will be NO PROBLEM but this weight loss weighing thing just has me beaten by now.

I encourage my DH to use the scale and he drops pounds fairly easily and he also adds them off and on too. I encourage him JUST in Case the scale is at fault but it works for him -it will not cooperate for me though.

I do get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! frustrated with this whole thing.

I am only frustrated because at this time I am in 2 small challenges everyone else opted for a 10 pound loss I agreed to five and realistically with ALL this exercise I thought I would get down by 2.
OH no! No way!.
My adipose tissue clings to my curves better than Saran Wrap.
My cutaneous layer is still doing better than said wrap, STILL NO WRINKLES but I see them coming soon. Even faster with the face frowning looking down at the scale too often. (once a month usually ) Just for the challenges more often.

I am reasoning just maybe my adipose is keeping them at bay. It has to be useful for something.
It is useful for pricking so I can know my Blood sugar is in the right place.
I guess I have answered my own frustration, my adipose never complains about the blood letting and stopping on cue, apparently my Cutaneous and Adipose are in sync.

If only the scale and I would be in sync, it would be excellent.
Now I have vented.
I feel better I am going out to do more work, AFTER I get some stuff out of the house for the dump or goodwill.

Yesterdays leftover's are waiting to ZAP in the microwave. Almost instant gratification.

THE REST OF THE STORY!! As soon as I wrote this the phone rang and my walking buddy wanted to go to he gardens. I said YES !,
Our other walking buddies are out of town so she had no walking partner. I invited her over for lunch with our leftovers from our Spark lunch yesterday. She was delighted, she asked for the recipes and I already had them printed. We went to the gardens I walked over 6,000 steps and we came home.
DH and I had dinner and then the yard work was done for 2 hours of raking and loading the truck up to go to the dump.
ALAS!! OH WOE IS ME!! I have not begun the de-cluttering process yet. I am off to bed.
Tomorrow is another day, this one proved to be EXCELLENT and it made DH and my friend happy, so all is right in my world---EXCEPT THE DREADED SCALE !
Pat in Maine.
SORRY, I forgot to mention my plateau is over a year long. I feel certain I am in maintenance for my body so I will just concentrate on healthy.
Just no more scale challenges for this old lady. emoticon
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    Go to and put in your weight, height, the amount of exercise you do each week and your age. It will tell you your calorie range for extreme and fat loss and maintenance. Just making sure you are on target with the right amount of calories. I have eaten more and have seen others on SP eat more, finally after being on long plateaus-- we all lost weight. If this website shows you are eating too low of calories, try eating the recommended allowance and see what happens. Our nutritionist scolded us once for eating 1500 calories, when we started being active, she said you should at least be eating 1800. No one wants to eat a lot of food, but when you burn thousands of calories a week, you need the fuel to recharge the body. But, if the scale isn't moving much, and it does stress you out, I say forget about the scale then. But, do check that website out. Even Coach Nicole showed her tracker and she is thin and does her exercise and eats 2000-2200 calories a day. Hang in there!

    I am on vacation this week, but was checking around to see what a few were up to, and saw your vent about the scale. Be back next week to full time sparking.

    Copy and paste this below to go to the place on freedieting for the calculator I talked about:
    1849 days ago
    I always loved the spark emoticon of the lady throwing scale out the it is emoticon . I guess I like it so much because I can so relate to it. I hate plateaus and believe me I have had them too. Lately I am finding the scale moving once again by cutting down carbs. Carbs seem to keep me from losing. I don't cut them out to the extreme as I know we need healthy carbs but at my age the bread, pasta and white rice keep me from losing. I do much better with veggies, some fruit, a little dairy and lean meats. I just can't eat like I did when I was younger and lose.
    1849 days ago
  • TERRI289
    The scale is yucky,,,ignore it!!
    1850 days ago
  • SISSIE21
    I agree with you. Pat, you do so much activity and walking. Perhaps the weight you are at is where your body wants to stay? You eat healthy and must be in great physical shape. I agree, throw the scale away! It's just bringing you down. emoticon
    1850 days ago
    Let me add my agreement with the others here that you should just forget the scale altogether.
    You are feeling well and you are eating in a healthful way.
    That is most important.

    1850 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Oh, I so relate.

    You are doing great.

    I am with Scooter - get ride of that scale. emoticon
    1850 days ago
    You are doing absolutely everything right!! You are eating well, exercising a lot, managing your diabetes and getting sleep. The scale is not cooperating--frustrating and more than annoying. It seems this is where your body likes to be. At this point, I think you need to just focus on health and how you feel. It's disappointing, I know. You have struggled for so long and too not get to that number is a major frustration. I especially get angry and frustrated when I see many people posting about their losses. As long as you're doing everything you can (and it seems you are); you can do nothing more. Let go of the weight; focus on the health and happiness!!!
    1851 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    emoticon Scale out the window!!

    Two things: First, when you work out extra hard (as you've been doing in the yard lately), especially the big muscles, those muscles tend to retain fluid because when you work out very hard you make a large number of teeny tears in the muscle fibers, and the body surrounds those tiny tears with water, the way an ankle will swell if you turn it. So it may be water weight, even if your hands or face aren't puffy.

    Second, you feel good, you're eating healthy foods, in the right amounts (or you'd be unhappily hungry or stuffed), getting plenty of exercise - seriously, you and Morticia put the rest of us to shame! - and doing things you enjoy with people you love and enjoy. Who gives a darn what the scale says?

    Maybe you've reached a weight that is good for you - everyone is different. When I was at my peak, health-wise, and had dieted down below the lowest weight WW wanted me to be , I was still a size 10/12 - not everyone has the bone structure and musculature to be very slim. And I couldn't maintain that without intense dieting and 16 hours a week in the gym. So not worth it. I learned to be happy with my size 12/14 - and I will be again, as soon as I get there. :)
    1851 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/30/2013 2:04:36 PM

    Don't stress this situation. Look at the bright side. You are managing your diabetes very well and that is VERY important. They are just numbers after all. It is how we feel, how we are able to move and how fulfilling our life is that is really important. From the look of things, all those things are going great for you.

    I do some challenges mainly to spice up my routine, but I am not good at following exactly (I never really plan to do so) or meeting some set goal. I just like the variety and the new challenge.

    You are doing amazingly great, so cheer up and don't worry about the scale.


    1851 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    1851 days ago
    Good job getting your sleep. It makes a huge difference in attitude and health.

    Hope it's a great day. HUGS
    1851 days ago
    you are NOT gaining that is a positive all the best HUGS
    1851 days ago
    I don't do well with weight loss challenges either. Personally, I think you are doing great. Look at the energy you have. The scale is just a small fraction of the whole picture. (And think of the wrinkles you DON'T have. emoticon They might come at a lower weight.)

    You are fortunate to have several walking partners.

    Judy emoticon
    1851 days ago
    Your body and mine must be similar. I have been around this same weight for months now. I just go up and down in about a 4 pound range.
    1851 days ago
    I don't do challenges either. For one thing I'm fairly busy and don't have the personal time to devote to them during most times of the year. I have 6.5 acres to help take care of - our house, boat, 4 vehicles, 5 outbuildings, etc. At least we got rid of my MIL's vehicle. Doing challenges just adds more stress to my already overflowing life. I get more out of talking to my sparkfriends.

    Your body is fairly comfortable at this weight. And from what i have read it is better for people our age to be a little overweight.

    I am also enjoying the yard work. We are getting a lot of yard work done.
    1851 days ago
    Amen! You're absolutely right, Pat! Your body is in maintenance & you're in a healthy mode...& all is right w/the world! There are people that would give anything to be able to maintain their weight...! And you've got it!!! Even though it's not exactly what you desire, you're a winner!!!

    Congrats!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1851 days ago
  • KATHY024
    Pat, you are so funny! You put that scale in the closet once. Maybe it should be banished back there again. I know it's frustrating but look behind you once to see all the great things you've accomplished. By any measuring standard you are doing great! You'll always be a winner in my book. emoticon ((hugs))
    1851 days ago
    you are right to throw the scale out the window no more weight challenges and maintaining that plateau even over the winter months i congratulate you my friend!! you can do it and are doing it and living wonderfully for sure
    loves and hugs
    the lady mary
    1851 days ago
    emoticon NO MORE
    1851 days ago
    I don't like looking at the scale either. We are not getting along in the least. there are other means of measuring ones weight.

    Also if you are SATISFIED with how you look and feel in clothes that's all that should amtter.
    1851 days ago
    Pat, it sounds like no more scales for you period. Healthy is the word. HUGS, Terry
    1851 days ago
    I have trouble with my dreaded scale too! You sound like you eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. I understand what you are saying about your DH. It is frustrating how men can drop weight so easily.
    Enjoy your warmer days and you long walks!
    1851 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/29/2013 11:28:14 PM
    oh dear, I don't know whether to cry or laugh at your scale struggles - we certainly don't want your frown to grow just because of the scale. You're doing so well - try not to let it slow you down. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1851 days ago
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