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Monday, April 29, 2013

My Maybe Weekend went well. On Saturday, we drove up to Ikea and bought another bookcase, which we assembled and I filled. As I was putting books away, I ran across my scrapbooks from when I was a kid -- brought back lots of memories, both good and bad, and I let them percolate in my brain over the weekend.

Sunday started with my dismantling an African violet and tossing most of it (I hate mealy bug. See my blog:!/read/b
). I watered the indoor plants and bathed Mali, which resulted in my having to take a shower myself, as she got me soaked. This was a behavior improvement.

Afterwards, we went to a violin recital to see my friend (age 73) play violin with his niece (age 11). Al is the person who inspired me to start baking -- I figured that if he could take up violin at age 72, without knowing how to read a lick of music, then I could try something new. We both love our new passions. In any event, he invited me and a few of the kids from J#2 to listen, and he was thrilled to see us there. It takes guts to put yourself right out there for people to see (and, sometimes, to judge. As the mother of a vocalist, I really understand this. Performers are brave).

What I wanted to accomplish for April, and results:

1) Finish the 3 books that I'm reading. I finished an audiobook, and a "real" book, and started another of each. I'm currently reading 2 and listening to 1.

2) Pay off that last revolving debt -- getting closer. Little things like The Girl's broken windshield and other nonsense conspired against me.

3) Start cleaning the garage -- started.

4) Finish cleaning the family room -- almost there.

5) Get back to the pre-Thanksgiving weight -- doubt it. Haven't weighed myself in a while, as I'm trying to "feel the progress" -- but I've generally kept within range, and tracked more. We'll see how things go.

6) DO THE RESUME!!! Haven't even started

7) Move the Orchids to the lath house -- done.

Other "accomplishments" for April: I went to two doctors (this is a big deal, as I ignore what's going on with me) and have a plan. I found a great deal on a mixer for The Fiancee and bought it as a shower gift for her (remember the didn't pay-off-revolving-debt-nonsens
e). I bought and returned clothes that ended up not filling and/or flattering. I finished The Duckling's blanket and mailed it off. I mailed off the other little gifties that I've been putting off. I made dinner reservations for The Boy's 25th birthday, along with our hotel reservations. I asked my husband to NOT bring home chocolate. I asked my husband to remind me that I don't want to order onion rings when we go to the local pub for a light dinner and a beer. And I passed on doing a bunch of stuff that was going to take up time that I don't have. I met and have stayed in contact with my walking buddy. I couldn't walk on Friday (hair appointment) and she's not walking today (too hot). I also was a pretty good Spark buddy this month, and made contact with lots of pals (some pals have disappeared...what's up with that?). I have too many to-dos in my life.

Goals for May:

1) Keep moving forward on the April goals.

2) Clean out The Boy's closet of his old clothes and Goodwill them.

3) Buy Britt tickets (not your Britt, Miss B -- tickets for a night at Britt Festival in Jacksonville OR -- I keep forgetting to do this).

4) Meet up with WB and walk at least once a week. This would be huge if I can do it, as it means that I'm leaving the office For Myself.

5) Really working to hit that pre-Thanksgiving goal. This means more tracking. Giving more support to my Spark pals. Walking more. Eschewing snacks after dinner and extras when we go out to eat.

I can do this --

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