Labor filled weekend, with a pinch of fun.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I feel like all too often I'm writing a weekend recap blog that includes far too much hustle and bustle, and not nearly enough R&R. Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to think my self-induced hectic lifestyle needs an overhaul....

After an exhausting 60 hour work week, I was really looking forward to a lazy and relaxing weekend.

Friday night I got off work and told my husband and kids "your on your own tonight. I'm not cooking!" I managed to put my feet up for a while and locked myself in my bedroom savoring the quiet time... Until it was time to get up and sweep, start laundry, and mop the floors. At 9:00 I realized NONE of my boys (husband included) had eaten yet. I tell ya, boys WILL be boys, they really do rely on mom too much. What's going to happen when I got go school 4 nights a week? I guess they won't go hungry, they'll eventually figure it out, right?! I managed to go to bed around midnight. So much for the "rest" portion of "R&R."

Saturday we had to get up early to help my best friend move. Moving is always fun (NOT). We actually worked really efficiently, beat the heat, and had her moved in under 4 hours! I think that's a record! Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with some time by the pool, sipped a few cocktails, and had some amazing lunch! Ribs, corn, fruit salad, and baked beans! It was a really nice way to relax after all that hard labor.

Our intentions after the pool time was over was to go home and veg... We ended up inheriting a child for the night instead. One extra child then turned into two when the boys neighbor friends came over as well. After a much needed trip to the grocery (before all these teenage boys ate me out of the house) we entertained the kids for a while, cooked dinner, made rootbear floats, tore apart the living room to make a giant "bed", and watched the movie "Here Comes The Boom," at 11:00 we called it quits.

Sunday was another early day (for once I'd like to sleep in on a weekend!) the kids got me up at 8:00 with some far-too-rowdy-8am-behavior. I went to the living room to discover the giant mattress bed had been turned into a "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" tornado type destruction IE Mattess fort, popcorn (plus butter they decided to melt to pour OVER the already butter flavored popcorn), and water EVERYWHERE! And to boot, my 13 year old thought it would be a GREAT idea to serve all the kids ROOTBEER for breakfast.. You know, to wash down the soggy buttered butter popcorn... Needless to say I was not a happy camper and it was not the greatest way to start the day. After making the reluctant kids pick up the tornado-esque disaster area I resumed my cleaning duties. More laundry (man, it never stops with a family of 4). And after the daily chores were done I moved onto project "organize my house." Yesterdays project was the medicine cabinet.


My day was filled with neighborhood kids coming and going like our house was a revolving door, and me repeating chores with every turn. I should also mention, we JUST had a cleaner come and clean the whole house on the 19th.... What a GREAT use of money, HAH! I think I need to start banning kids from my house. It get soo dirty SO fast!!! Just when I thought my day was winding down and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, the call from the neighbor came asking if her 3 kids could join us for the evening so she could have a "girls night." SIGH, sure why not? That required a second trip to the grocery store to get those things I forgot the day before, and another supply of food for 5 teenage boys.

At 7:30 I think I finally sat down for the first time, my girlfriend came over and we watched Game of Thrones (Swoon). I watched Revenge, and hit the hay. I think I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

So here I am, HAPPY MONDAY, starting yet another 60 hour work week. The fun never ends, does it :)

Three things I realized this weekend:
1. I'm way too nice, and say "yes" WAY to often.
2. I need to learn to delegate, and have my husband and kids do more (relinquish the control).
3. I am beyond excited to get into school, FINISH my degree, get my RN, and stop chasing my tail!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JORDAN1019
    Sounds like a weekend at my house. I have problems with saying no to having kids over as well. Last weekend I found them sledding down my stairs with blankets laid out at the bottom to cushion the fall...smh! emoticon
    2655 days ago
    You seriously have a lot going on - I'm tired just hearing how much you had to do! I agree with Alicia - ask the neighbor to return the favor with your kids and starting giving each of the men in the house some tasks to do. Maybe this should include dinner at least one or two nights a week. Schedule in some time that's just for you (even if it's only 30 minutes), starting saying no, and hopefully you'll have some easier weekends on the horizon. Good luck!
    2656 days ago
    You seriously need a chore chart for the males in your household! Make them help you, because things are going to be insane when you get back into classes and everything for school - it's not just the hours in the actual classes and labs, but also the hours of homework and studying... which you can't do because you haven't slept because you've been too busy cleaning up after fully capable, able-bodied kids and a husband. Crack the whip!

    Also - WOW, can't believe you agreed to the boys coming over so the mom could do ladies' night. Next weekend, ask her to watch YOUR boys so you can go out to a movie with girlfriends or whatever. If she says no, then never watch her kids for her again. Ever.

    Hope you can have a more relaxing weekend coming up!
    2656 days ago
  • RN2B77
    That's one heck of a weekend!! I want to suggest making the hubby and boys a list of daily chores now and get them acquainted with it because once you start nursing school, you wont have time for anything but that. Coming home from school & clinical to a messy house just adds to the stress of school and will probably drive you crazy like it did me! You need a spa day : )
    2656 days ago
    Learning to say 'NO' firmly is important for your own sanity! I can imagine how hard it can be sometimes... I've always been pretty good at it! LOL

    Hope this week isn't as hectic as your weekend was! And PS.. get those boys helping you!!! emoticon
    2656 days ago
    You sound a little like me. I DESPERATELY need to learn to say "No"! It is just so hard... I don't want to disappoint anyone....I want to do everything for everyone... and I ended up frazzled in the end. And a house full of kids? Yep! Definitely been there and done that far too many times!
    Good job on the organizing project! Hope you have a great week and find a little time to catch your breath!
    2656 days ago
    OMG! Hahaha this was so funny! You never get a break do you girl?
    Your medicine drawer looks like mine in the before pic. Haha

    2656 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Wow! You are such a busy lady! I hope you are able to find little bits of time to relax this week!!
    2656 days ago
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