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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I took last week off of my meal plan. I ran out of groceries and spent my free time having fun instead of taking care of business. I also took the week off from strength training. Partially because I didn't want to do my current workout anymore, and partially because I was busy having fun. Due to the lack of groceries, I ended up eating out for lunch. Every. Day. I was awful. Not to mention that I also had a donut or a bagel almost every day of the week too. I went out to dinner on Monday with S. We got beer on Tuesday night. Thursday I went out to dinner with my family. I was so bad last week. It doesn't make any sense to me either. I have a new person in my life that I'm trying to impress. Pigging out on deliciousness isn't going to get me there!

I knew I was winning the weight loss pool by a landslide, so I figured if I could be up a pound, it would be easy to drop again in the next 8 weeks and that could give me a little head start. Brilliant strategy, right? I won the weight loss pool, but I gained back 3 pounds! And that's kind of devastating. That's a third of what I lost. And now I have to do all that work to lose it again. Poo.

And you'd think it would be a wake up call, right? The final weigh-in was Thursday morning. So according to my "strategy" my free for all should have ended Wednesday night. That was also the night that I went grocery shopping and restocked all of my food for my meal plan. But nooooo. I still had a donut on Thurday morning and a bagel, with cream cheese on Friday. AND I still went out to lunch on Thursday AND Friday. Tacos one day, pizza the other. And with Mountain Dew! All 5 days. At least I didn't refill the cup as I was leaving and take it back to work with me.

Anyway, today I prepped all of my meals through Wednesday. So I have no excuses. Today I cooked frozen salmon burgers on my George Foreman grill. I was pleased with how easy it was and how delicious they turned out. So this is going to me a salmon burger week for me. I ate pretty close to my meal plan today, but I still ate a bunch of crackers, which is nooooo goooooood. It's easier to stick to it during the work week. Riiiight. That's what I say now. Excuses excuses.

Whatever. I'm back on track and I'm strength training tomorrow. I didn't stop running, so I have that going for me.

Now on to the fun stuff. I had a date on Friday night! I was right to clean my house in preparation, because neither of us were very fond of the place we went to for the date. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It should be a good place to go on a date, but neither of us seem to be all that great at dating so it just didn't suit us. I think we should stick to brew pubs.

So we ended up going back to my place and playing pool. It was fun. I kissed him. And then, when we were done playing pool (14 games!), we just hung out and talked. Until very early in the morning. I felt bad because he still had to drive home. But he was waiting for me to kick him out, which I just wasn't going to do. I was enjoying having him there too much.

Eventually, he finally left. Then he started up the conversation again on Saturday. He asked what I was doing with my day and I told him I was planning on riding my bike to the area I know he lives in, just to get and idea of the time and distance. So then he told me to stop by since I'd be in the area. So I did and I got to see his place. I spent some time there, but I tried not to linger too long because I knew he had to travel today and was planning on visiting some friends that night.

He chatted with me some more today via text. He's going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks, then he'll be home for 24 hours and then he'll be gone for another week. He already asked me to hang out with him during those 24 hours. I'm just tickled. It's the same day as my brother's birthday, but he will understand.

I'm nervous about this guy and feeling kind of reserved. He just got out of a long relationship about 2 months ago, and I don't really know if he's ready to be dating. He wasn't looking. I've been trying to let him make all the moves. I couldn't wait to kiss him any more, though... so that was that. It could be argued that he technically kissed me first, but that was only after I told him I really wanted to kiss him. He could have said no... but I don't know how. I'm glad I did too, cuz it was nice.

I think it's a little odd how we met. Beechnut is so rarely in town, and even when she is, I've never made it to one of her meetups. He told me he wouldn't have gone, but the power happened to be out at his place that night, so why not go have a drink. He also told me that he had no idea that I was interested in him based on that first meeting. He had basically written me off as some girl he'd never see again. (I guess my flirtiing skills are not as good as I thought!) BUT, he told his friend about me and asked if it would be acceptable if he added me on Facebook. His friend said sure, everyone does that these days. But wait until tomorrow! It would be too weird if you do it in the same night!

Ha ha! I loved hearing the process of how that went down. Because when I got home that night, I wanted to friend him on Facebook, but I decided to hold off. I didn't want to be weird.

So yeah. I'm a little twitterpated all over again. Just trying to take it easy, though. I'm lousy at it, but I think he might be a little lousy at moving forward. So I may just give him little nudges along the way.

And one final note on this guy! He seems to appreciate my t-shirt collection. He has remarked on almost every one so far (with the exception of Honey Badger!!! What?!) but he did note it to himself. And he apparently told his friend about my different shirts. In fact, I guess he's told his friend a few things about me - which is more than I could ever say for Dan. I don't think he told any of his family or friends about me. He always wanted to know what I told my family about him, or what they thought of him after he met them... But I never heard ANYTHING about him telling anyone else about me. And every time I suggested that I could meet his friends or family, he shied away from the topic. THIS guy has already told me that he's probably going to want me to come along to some of his social outings. So I take that as a good sign. It's still very early to tell, but I feel very positive about it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ok, first allow me to deconstruct the negative thoughts:

    "I was so bad last week."
    Those are Crazy Beechnut thoughts. You call me out on those thoughts! You don't want to have those thoughts, and if you are, then fix them quick! It's a crappy rabbit hole of guilt. Trust me. You can eat what you want. And you don't have to answer to anybody. You're an adult, and eating food that may be less healthy does not make you bad. You're not bad while you eat food. And food is not an enemy. It's just food. Some food is better than other food, but it's all food.

    "I won the weight loss pool, but I gained back 3 pounds! And that's kind of devastating. That's a third of what I lost. And now I have to do all that work to lose it again. Poo."
    If you somehow miraculously ate an EXTRA 10,500 calories in the past few days, in addition to the 2000-2500/day you would need to maintain your weight, that's a total of at least 16500 calories. You might be bloated, but that's it. You did not undo all that hard work.

    Ok, enough of that. Onto S. F*CK YEA, BUDDY! :-D I'm happy for you. He's not a jerk, and he won't play games. If he does, I'd be shocked. I'm curious to know where you guys went for your date.

    Also, I am so bloated from eating too much junk. So I feel your pain.
    2120 days ago
    He doesn't know about the honey badger??? DEALBREAKER!!!!! lol, just kidding, you can give him time to educate himself. :) That's cute that he's talking to his friends about you. My husband and I got together because one of my friends added him on facebook... so he knew I'd been talking about him enough that my friend needed to check him out. lol

    Aaannnddddd... it was a bad eating week for me, too! I had donuts and ice cream and no bake cookies and ice cream cake and froyo and cheetos and I don't even know what else. So this week WILL be better!! We can do it!!!
    2120 days ago
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