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4th CrossFit foundation class

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today was #4. I had the other co-owner train me and I learned the "push" series...the strict press, push press and push jerk. At first I was using a PVC pipe to get the motion of the movements down with something approximating correct form. Then I tried each using the 15 lb. training bar with no weights on it. All 3 movements begin with the bar up at shoulder level in front of you. The strict press is just that, pushing the bar up until your arms lock out straight. The tricky part is getting the bar up and around your chin, so you put your head back then "through the window" as the bar clears the top of your head. With the push press, you give a little dip first, and allow the momentum and momentary "weightlessness" of the bar to help you lift the weight, and finally with the push jerk, it is a "dip push dip" movement with an extra dip move at the end to help you lift the most weight of the 3.

After I learned all 3, I did a mini mini workout of 5 reps of each, 3x through the series of 15, with 10 lbs. added to the bar to make a total of 25 pounds. That sounds so piddly, but my shoulders were totally burning by the time I got to the end. My trainer put 8 min. on the clock so I was being "timed" but really, the focus was on form. Even so, I totally broke a sweat and my shoulders are going to be a mess of soreness in the morning. LOL

That was it! OMG I am going to my first "real" class on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. I made my husband promise me he would go to my first class with me (and I'll probably make him go to my first few with me). I am not quite AS nervous about my first class as I was about my first foundation class, because I am a little more familiar with the gym, I've met a few people and everyone seems so nice. In fact today I met a few more of the moms/dads type people, not just the college set, so I felt a little more at ease. But still, I am more than a little anxious about it. I just have to get used to not comparing myself with everyone else and just focus on the progress that I make. And considering where I am starting from, I have no where to go but up!

The trainer I was with today is the other co-owner and while the trainer I had for my other sessions is the one who is there full-time, this trainer is actually a chiropractor full time and then also trains and takes classes at the gym. So after we were done I tapped into his chiropractor role and asked if he sees many patients with headaches/migraines. I told him how I have seen a few chiropractors in the past for my chronic migraines and each have said they could help me and I've never seen any difference. He said yes, he sees many people with problems like mine and explained how he goes about treatment. As his office is not far from our home and is on my way home from work, I may look into trying it. I know there isn't a "cure" for migraines, but I am always interested in treatments to supplement the care I get from my neurologist (who I am very happy with) and if I can lessen the frequency/duration/intensity of my headaches and migraines...well, I'm all for it. I think I'll be making a call to my insurance to check out what our coverage is for chiropractic care and go from there.

This week at work there are a lot of meetings and a few big presentatons with a new PowerPoint format I have not used before (very unwieldly...not excited about that) and not a slide is started because I'm waiting on information from other people. I'm trying not to stress about it, taking deep breaths, and will just try to steadily plod my way through it starting tomorrow.

Two other random headbands came in the mail and I have to say I just love the colors. And, weigh in is tomorrow. I know that when you start lifting weights, your body tends to hold on to water and you can gain at first. But other than today, I didn't do much actual lifting yet, so hopefully I can sneak in a loss. Fingers crossed!
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    Sounds awesome!!
    1876 days ago
    It sounds like you are doing great! Our chiropractor is actually our CrossFit trainer and friend, so my first time there I was completely at ease. It makes it so much more fun! And when I went to the open gym on Saturday I met someone who is going to be in my starter class! Just one more week! I'm so excited to start, I want this week to fly. LOL

    One thing I've noticed about CrossFit is that everyone is so nice and encouraging! I'm clearly the most overweight one there and everyone was SO nice!! It is hard not to compare yourself to others, I struggle with the same thing. Someone said to me on Saturday, "The only one you're competing with is yourself!" So I'm trying to remember that.

    I highly recommend going to the chiropractor for migraines. My husband did and he never gets them anymore! Keep us posted on that!

    I hope work goes ok for you!!

    Yay for new headbands! My hair is finally long enough to where I can start wearing them!

    I hope you're having a great day!
    1876 days ago
    Woo hoo! I can tell that you're really getting yourself invested in cross fit! emoticon It's always scary trying something new, but it sounds like you have a great support system at home and in the gym.
    1877 days ago
    Glad you had good workout! Hope your shoulders aren't in too much pain! Good luck with WI! emoticon
    1877 days ago
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