Splurged, but then remembered...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I had a snack attack at work, but I didn't go overboard- I had a 2oz bag of cookies and some sugar free candy. If this was me a month ago, I would have eaten like 10+ miniature candy bars out of the candy bucket at work! Plus.. I didn't really go that far over my goals with everything else I had eaten today, so who cares *shrugs.* Besides, I have an hour of cardio planned tonight (with the new heart rate monitor woot woot!) I weighed myself today and realized I am 2 ounces from being under 190 lbs again. That got me excited! I have been in the 180's for like 2 years. It didn't really bother me, mainly because I am tall for a girl and I didn't really consider myself fat. Although...looking at the BMI side, plus with my whole health scare, I realized I needed to lose about 20-30 lbs to actually be "healthy". I'll always be built a little bigger, mainly because I grew up on a farm and have built a lot of muscle over the years, plus I was always active in sports and played roller derby for awhile. I guess I am leaning more towards getting "lean". 189 here I come :)
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